Oops, missed yesterday :~

I was just eating and thought I need to write my blog post for today and then when I got here saw that I didn’t do one for yesterday ~ wonder what I was thinking about??

Yesterday was a good day.  Different working on a Saturday and a Sunday.  It was pretty quiet yesterday even with the annual Flea Market here in the park.  Our day started with breakfast at 7 a.m.  The kitchen was serving up breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls.  The burrito was a little dry for my liking but it was okay.  And then we headed to the front gate to visit with our local “gate guards.”

Top: Jerry, Bill, Keith (a local musician) and Ed blocking the cars from entering. Left bottom: Jerry & Ed.  Bottom right: a look down County Road 5216.  The first truck in line was there at 6:55 a.m. ~ the doors don’t open till 8 a.m. and then they started…

and dang I can’t get the video to load…grrr….there were 38 cars to the right and 4 to the left before there was a lull in the crowd.  
And the afternoon was quiet.    Had a guest do an early checkout and that was about it.  In the evening we went into D’Hanis for a fundraiser benefit for a local musician who is dealing with some major health issues.  They had a couple of great bands, a chili-cookoff (and then they mixed all the different chili’s together so everyone could have a bowl.  It was tasty but a bit more spicy than I prefer.   They made $500 on the cook-off and then they had a raffle  with many different gifts.  Not sure who won as we left before they did those drawings.  But the evening ended for us after the live auction.  So neat to live in a close community who gave generously.  We don’t know the final total from the live auction but they were way over $5000.  We did not get home till almost midnight and didn’t shut our eyes till after 1 a.m.  

Which leads me to today being thankful for good sleep.  I only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep and made it through the day without a problem.  For those of you have known for me for quite a few years remember the insomnia I used to deal with, some/most nights getting 3 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period…and I am so thankful I am not plagued with that any more.

Today was another quiet day in the office.  Had a good visit with Bonnie, the VP.  Talked about a new contract, some new projects to start working on, discussed the upcoming budget planning meetings ~ it was good to touch base without interruptions.  We ended the day by joining the members in the clubhouse for the ice cream social.  I had some pineapple sherbet…it was really tasty and reminded me I have the stuff on hand to make a pineapple smoothie for breakfast tomorrow.

And of course, my excitement is building as Dee arrives tomorrow night for a week long visit.  I can’t wait to see her and spend lots of time chatting and just hanging together.

Wishing you all a great week!!  And thanks for stopping by!!

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