Today I am Thankful for…

Today I am thankful for our work.  We really like our jobs, being in Texas and the members in the park who have become our friends.

We have been here at the Lone Star Corral just over 8 months.  We like our work.  Ron enjoys being outside so much of the time.  And being outside here is a lot different then at home in Whatcom County – the biggest being no rain.  It has rained three times since we arrived here last February.  We are definitely in a drought and never thought we would be praying for rain ~ yet we do just that each night when we go to bed.

I enjoy being in the office.  I like being able to organize things, design and make forms, flyers and handouts.  One of my responsibilities is to keep the books for the campground and that includes balancing all the different checking/savings account.  What amazes me is that they usually balance the first time ~ what I don’t get is why my home accounts don’t do that??? 

One of the things we both enjoy is being able to visit and engage in conversations with so many different people.  Just yesterday one of the members shared with Ron about quite a few places to see around here.  So I think we are going on a drive this Saturday or Sunday to check out some new places.  I like hearing where the campers have been before they arrived here and where they are heading when they leave.  For instance, last night a couple left to go work as gate guards for a few months.  We enjoyed talking with them before they left as that is something we have talked about possibly doing in the future.

We look forward to finishing out our contract here at the Lone Star Corral.  Right now our contract ends on April 13, 2012.  But that date may change as we have been asked to stay for a second year.  Right now the Board of Directors are working on a contract to offer us.  We would ask that you join us in prayer ~ that if this is where we are to be for another year that the contract will be one we can accept and is agreeable to all of us.  We will keep you updated on our plans.

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  1. Decisions, decisions!

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