Sunday Evening 10/9/11

We are home now…sounds funny since our home always travels with us 🙂  We had a good time with Cindy & Walker Brewer.  And the rain last night and today was refreshing even with the leak around the window.

And of course no trip with The Wandering Workentins is ever uneventful.  Hubby pulled into the HEB in Hondo to get gas before we returned to the Lone Star Corral.  While waiting for a pump to empty I decided to go into HEB and get some bananas for smoothies in the morning.  Just as I started to step out of the motor home there was a huge bang and jolt and I said SH…!  And quickly stepped out of the rig to see a lady in a pickup towing a horse trailer hooked onto our motor home.  Yes, we had been hit.  Ron told her to back up a little and let’s see what the damage was.  Fortunately she only pulled the metal and rubber end off the rig!!  And Ron put it all back together.  Not her trailer though – she had to take a hammer to get it pulled away from the tire. 

As we were driving home (before the little incident at HEB) we were talking about maybe looking for a new motor home to purchase as we continue to plan for where we go after we are done in Texas…on Ron’s bucket list is to drive to Alaska and work up there for a summer…so the wheels are turning….and then after the incident we both commented if the gal had ripped off the back end of the motor home it would have been totaled…hmm can we go back and have her hit us a little harder 🙂  just kidding we really are glad the damage was little and no one was hurt.

Now to start thinking/planning/figuring for the future!.

On a sad note, we got word this morning that Ed, the previous Assistant Manager died of a massive heart attack late last night…please keep Jeannette and their kids in your prayers.

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