Thought I would just write about what we have been doing and what is on the horizon ~ hopefully not too boring for y’all.

Work is going well.  New Assistant Managers, Gordon & Diana arrived on Friday, September 16th and started working on Monday, September 19th.  They seem to be catching on pretty well.  Training has been very uneventful.  Tomorrow and Friday we are going to be hanging in the motor home and let them do their jobs without us hovering.  We will be close by though in case they have problems.  Then next week they are working on Wednesday as I have a doctor’s appointment with the cardiologist ~ Dr. Emily, here in Hondo is concerned about my high pulse rate – it is beating between 100 & 144 beats pretty consistently.  And then they start working on Saturday & Sunday’s, October 8th &  9th so the office will be open 7 days a week ~ the start of our winter hours.

We have good friends arriving on Friday. They are going to stay in the little B&B about a mile from us here in the park. I am looking forward to seeing the inside ~ have thought of doing a weekend retreat there all by myself so I can take a couple of long hot baths ~ sure miss my tub and a long soak with a good book and a glass of wine :D

Patrick & Patricia will be here till Monday morning. On Saturday we are going into San Antonio. Will go to the Alamo and the Riverwalk. When we took our grandson to the Alamo he was not interested in reading all the history and stuff. We know we can do that with P&P. And of course we will go for some BBQ somewhere. Any of you who have visited San Antonio know of a good BBQ place?

I am going to use Thursday as a day to do some cleaning and sorting of the rig. They (the park) have a big flea market/yard sale on the 12th of November so I am want to see if I can gather enough stuff to have a table or else I will donate it to the park table. I have also decided to go through all my clothes that I have in the rig and also in two big totes in the storage shed here – I don’t need to keep carrying all these clothes that I don’t wear very often or at all any more. And then I need to get busy and clean out all the cupboards in the rig. Feel free to ask me how the cleaning/purging/sorting is going – a little accountability never hurt!!

And of course pictures are always fun to show.  Sure hope you enjoy them.

Opal – she looks so much like her daddy!

Grandpa asked to be slapped when he said “just like a typical woman – yakking on the phone”

Danayln, Max, Brandon, Treyson and Christopher – we love how Danalyn always coordinates their clothes for family pictures.  Grandpa thought she should have picked something besides Carolina Blue.

Brandon with Treyson.  I took this picture while we were on Skype together just a couple of weeks ago.

Well I guess that’s all for now.  Hope you enjoyed catching up with us.  Take care and have a great day!!!

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