The Sweetness of Friends

You never know how your relationships with people will develop.  I belong to many different groups on Facebook.  Some of them include: Families on the Road, Nomadicmomma’s, Jiggly Bits, Where Two or More are Gathered as well as many others.  All the ones listed above have one thing in common – many of us in those group are RV’rs and have never met in person – but our friendships are just as sweet as ones I have with church friends, school friends, or work friends.

And today one of my fellow RV’r friends went way above and beyond.  As y’all know, we had a  baby boy who died when he was 3 days old.  We were stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas at the time Royce was born and died.  And because of life and situations we have not been able to go to the cemetery where Royce is buried only three times.  

Well today, my friend Carolyn Sasek took time out of her busy day and went to the cemetery in Las Vegas and put a lovely bouquet of flowers and a sweet balloon on our baby’s grave.  As well as a single carnation from his momma right on his marker.  Just like I would have done.

What Carolyn didn’t know is that carnations are my favorite flower.  We have always used carnations for special occasions – our wedding, the and if Ron buys me flowers he usually buys be carnations.

Thank you so much Carolyn for going above and beyond and doing something so sweet that I am not able to do.

3 responses to “The Sweetness of Friends”

  1. What a sweet remembrance of your very special baby boy! 🙂

  2. It's always about the little things!

  3. Wow…that was so nice. It's wonderful knowing you're not alone in remembering …

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