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Wrestling with a Couple of Things

I don’t know about y’all but sometimes when I go to bed at night and I turn the lights out and think I am about ready to go to sleep my mind starts running at 100 miles per hours.  Not just little thoughts about day to day things, well sometimes it’s like the day to day things.   But the last few nights I find myself with my thoughts just running and running.

The first issue has to do with sharing my blog.  I have a whole list of people who I send an email to whenever I update either of my blogs.  Not all the same names are the same on both lists.  And specifically I have been thinking of who I send this blog to and thinking I want to take some of those names out of that email list.  You may be asking yourself why would I want to remove someone from that list?  Well I wonder if the people on my list really want to know what I am thinking about, what is going on in my life, what issues I struggle with or is it that I want them to know all those things about me, about my family, about my job.  And that therein lies the problem – if people who really wanted to know about me, about my family, about my job, about my life would they not contact me in some way.  Many people on this list I communicate with on Facebook, via the telephone, email or snail mail but there are a handful that I never communicate with and so I wonder why do I keep sending them the emails.  If someone really wanted to be a part of my life, wouldn’t you they would at least acknowledge an email or a blog post once in awhile.

I am sure I will struggle with this issue for a while longer, but if you stop hearing about postings on my blog via email that would mean that I am not struggling with that issue any more.  What do you think?  Do  I just blindly keep sending emails to people to let them know when I post or do I clean up my list? I am not sure what I am going to do – guess I will keep mulling things over.  And then I wrestle with if someone really wants to know what I am up to they could choose to follow along on my blogs.  I know people can do that because I have 101 followers on The Wandering Workentins and there are over 15 followers on this blog. Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?

The other issue I have been struggling with is a moral issue.  IF you know someone has done something very wrong and others know about that wrong and those others were affected by that wrong but no one reports that wrong to the appropriate people (the authorities) do you just continue to go along with them and not say or do anything?  I know I am being somewhat vague about this and I am sorry about that BUT until I can wrestle with my own mind about what to do it is best that way.  I would just like some feedback or thoughts on this very vague issue.

That’s all from this brain for now.  Hope you are all doing fine.

9 responses to “Wrestling with a Couple of Things”

  1. Just a thought…I would send out an email and tell the people that you have been sending emails to – that if they want to get current post they need to go to your blog and sign up as followers. Then you will know that if they are interested they will get it, if they don't that is their loss. On the second question – if it is bugging you then you need to take the steps to resolve this issue. Our conscious is what keeps us doing the right thing. Follow yours and sleep peacefully. Those would be my thoughts.

  2. On the moral issue: if someone who has been harmed (or will be harmed) comes to you one day and says \”you knew about this – why didn't you do something/tell someone?\”, how will you answer? Will you feel good about your answer? Will you be ashamed of your lack of action? If you can't feel good about your response (or lack of), you probably are not making the right decision. I see that, in your profile, your list the Bible as your favorite book. I hope your faith can give you some guidance and put your mind at rest.

  3. You don't need to send me an email…I am a follower!!Okay…Pray about it…if you have to socialize with the wrong doer's…then you need to tell them you know about what they did..and you are very uncomfortable with it. If they wronged others…and the others are letting it slide…and it wasn't against you, and it doesn't affect your job in anyway…then you might have to let it go.I would pray…and see where God is leading you. Good luck. Cindy

  4. You have been struggling with some major issues, my friend. I don't think we can let our blogs determine who are friends are. There are quite a few people who I care about that don't read my blog or comment on my blog. Some people even have the (misguided) view that it's egotistical to write a blog. I wish they felt differently, but it's something that I have to silently disagree with them about. Moral issues are tricky. You might need to speak the truth unless speaking the truth will cause more hurt than keeping silent. Which, in the long run, is the right thing to do? Sometimes short-term consequences are worth taking a risk for in order to insure better long-term results.

  5. First of all, get some rest before you make any decisions. I have a \”virtual worry basket\” beside my bed. When I get one of those nights where I just can't turn off the thoughts, I take them one by one and place them in the \”worry basket.\” Then I tell myself all those worries will be there in the morning right where I left them and for tonight there is nothing more I can do. Silly, I know, but it seems to work. On the moral issue – Laurie had a great answer.

  6. While you struggle, others struggle along side you. They may not always have a voice to speak their difficulties. Some take comfort in your words, celebrations and struggles knowing they have a friend. They don't always have words to speak. You recently sent alittle cartoon about growing old. At the end, you mentioned life was not \”gathering it was scattering\” Don't reduce the amount you scatter you will be reducing your life. I immediately thought of the verse about Gods word not returning to Him void. While we both know you're not God, I know you understand that we don't always see the fruits of our labor. I think that is a good thing. PS some of us prefer the phone and texting. And maybe we still don't respond but we do appreciate it. Your brother missing you in Birch bay,Jim

  7. Ali, Now I'm not a popular person..from past experiences..not on my blog, but in the groups I've tried to be a part of.. either people want to read about your happenings or they don't..don't sweat that..You are who you are and I think you're neat..I peek in from time to time and I'm not even on your mailing list. Personally I would let those interested to come search you out …Keep up the good work.. I know I enjoy it..So that's my penny if you wish to jiggle it in your jar… God Bless.. Zeee and Critters 4

  8. If the people who were wronged are doing nothing about this wrong, that is their business. So I would just give it to the Holy One. If the people who were wronged are children(minors), that is a different situation. i.e. child abuse, notify the authorities. Regarding the blog and mailing list, I like what Life Motivates wrote on that.Best regards,Liz#70

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