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Week in Review ` Planning for the New Week

Have had a good week.  After last weekend of being sick and laying low it was good to get back to work and being with friends.

Tuesday morning I had my pre-op appointment for my upcoming surgery.  Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (7/11).  We have to be at the hospital at 7:00 a.m.  No eating or drinking after midnight tonight.  Stopped the baby aspirin as of last Monday.  No meds in the morning till after surgery.  
 Had a great week at work.  No major problems though our hearts are heavy at the park this week as two of our residents have been in the hospital.  If you think of them, say a prayer for Ellie & Stan as they fight the good fight and that they feel the presence of the Lord in these difficult days.
We were able to enjoy a dinner of great conversation and good food with Walker & Evelyn.  Always fun to do is to go out to eat with another couple.  On Friday night after work, Ron took an almost two hour nap and then wanted to do something so off we went to Bill & Rosa’s for appetizers, a beer (for Ron) and ice tea and listening to some great country music.  Too bad they don’t have a dance floor.

Saturday I made a deal with Ron.  He could choose – clean the motor home including the bathroom or do the laundry.    Now I know Ron hates! to do laundry and I really didn’t want to clean that toilet 😦 ~ so yeah, you could say I stacked the deck…but hey, he did have a choice.  He chose to clean the motor home so I went off to do the three loads of laundry.  While doing laundry I visited with the Busy Bee’s (the knitting and crocheting group that meets weekly here at the park).  When I was done folding all the laundry I loaded up the golf cart and came back to the motor home.  It was so nice and clean and smelled so good.  And the bathroom just sparkled.  Yep, I think I got the best end of that deal.

For the rest of the weekend we have just relaxed.  So enjoy having down time to just read and enjoy the life we are blessed with.

Today we went to church and celebrated with little Jessica who accepted the Lord as her Savior – what a joyous occasion.   After a nap we went over to a new friends, Shanna (her, her hubby and a girlfriend own The Family Dawg, the best place to get hot dogs, sandwiches or gyros locally) who French braided my hair so I don’t have to worry or figure out how to comb it while I can’t see as I recuperate from my surgery.  Thanks Shanna!  We also did lots of reading, watching The Ax Man (one of Ron’s favorite shows) and some blogging.  Check out my new post at Alice’s Restaurant where I talk about Special Friendships.

Now to settle down for the night and get ready for surgery tomorrow.  Since I can’t eat or drink after midnight till after my surgery I have set the alarm for 11:30 p.m. tonight so I can get up and drink a glass of orange juice – want to do everything I can to avoid having my blood sugar drop in the night or early morning.

Talk to y’all soon.  And looking forward to seeing the world in a bright new way on Tuesday!!!

4 responses to “Week in Review ` Planning for the New Week”

  1. We find it tough listening to country music and NOT dancing. Interesting to read that's your case too!Will be praying for you as you have your procedure. Waiting to hear all is well!

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