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Missing Friends

Today has been a hard day in some ways and good in others.  And I realized during church how much I am missing our home church, Northwood Alliance Church and our church family.

Where to begin…we have been going to Sunday School and enjoy the class yet we just are not connecting with people.  People greet us and say they are glad we are there but we are just not connecting.  We enjoy the worship service and the preaching is very good.  Pastor Dennis preaches very similar to Pastor Charles.  We feel challenged and encouraged from the weekly sermons.  And yet we feel so disconnected, separated.

Last week we were encouraged because we had received a letter from Pastor Dennis.  After the service I went up to talk to him while Ron was helping move stuff from the stage for VBS this week.  I told Pastor Dennis that I was encouraged by his letter and yes we seem to be having problems getting connected with others in the church.  He said he thought that was true for us and encouraged us to get involved in a SS class.  We told him today was better as I shared about my upcoming surgery and the class prayed for me, the doctors and Ron.  That helped a lot to make us feel more connected.  Pastor Dennis also said he wants to be there for us before, during and after my surgery.  He then prayed with both Ron and I.  Tears started running down my cheeks as I realized how much I had missed being able to pray with a pastor.  I was feeling very emotional and so surprised that the tears were flowing.  

As we left the church, with Ron’s arm around me I realized how much I was missing my friends, my church family, being connected, feeling a part of something.  At the same time we are enjoying our time here at Lone Star Corral.  We are making friends and doing things with others.  We enjoy traveling and seeing new country.  And we know we are in the place where the Lord wants us to be.  He has provided us with good jobs, we have connected with good doctors and can even handle the heat ~ did I say it has been over 100′ for days now and there does not seem to be any relief in sight.  And we are so blessed.  Not just in material things but with love for each other, love for friends and family.  We are richly blessed with two great sons and their spouses and four wonderful grand-children.  And we are blessed with good health.  Even with the eye surgery looming our health is good.  

We have no complaints, no major concerns, and again I come back to we are blessed in so many ways just feeling disconnected in other ways.

2 responses to “Missing Friends”

  1. I like your positive attitude, Alice, and yet at the same time, I am glad that you share some of the negative issues with us, too. It all helps us to get to know you better.

  2. Ali I am so sorry I haven't been able to visit.My daughter and this new business she is opening up is keeping me jumping thru hoops.I am either babysitting or actually working up at her store..it opens after July 4th.She wants me to babysit all summer and I have said no way!!I am exhausted.I can't get anything done here..lolI so want to move into the rv..it seems things would be so simple.We are currently without water.The fire ants..fried something on the well..argh..it will be a long night and tomorrow until he can fix it.It is so blooming hot.It has never been like this.I feel for you guys!Most church's here..unless you get involved in Sunday School..they really don't reach out much.Sorry.Has your grandson come yet?Hang in there..I have been praying..and you are on the top of my prayer list.Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

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