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Month: June 2011

  • What a Week

    Boy did we have an unexpected week here at the Lone Star Corral. Tuesday morning we found out we had been robbed here at the park.  The person or persons had cut the lock off the door to the tool shed and taken about $750 worth of tools, cut a huge hole in the fence…

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  • Missing Friends

    Today has been a hard day in some ways and good in others.  And I realized during church how much I am missing our home church, Northwood Alliance Church and our church family. Where to begin…we have been going to Sunday School and enjoy the class yet we just are not connecting with people.  People…

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  • Checking in ~

    Thought I had better check in and let y’all know that we are alive and well. Memorial Day weekend found us camping at Medina Lake Thousand Trails, about 50 miles from D’Hanis.  We went swimming, slept, read, rested, ate bbq, went to a parade, rested and read some more.  It was a great relaxing time.…

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  • A Small World

    We are at Medina Lake Thousand Trails this weekend.  We are surrounded by lots of trees and so many deer it is amazing. We arrived here shortly after 5:15 p.m.  and got set up and then headed over to Hank & Euona’s rig for some visiting.  As we visited we talked about where we used…

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  • Just Thinkin’

    Just thinkin’ and not really thinkin’ of anything in particular. We had a good weekend.  Saturday, friends Don & Mike took us along with Hank & Euona out for lunch to Rocky’s in Devine.  When we first pulled up we thought maybe they were closed as the OPEN sign was not on. Hank got out…

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