More Family Pictures

Just have to show off more family pictures.  These were taken on 5/26 in the evening while Skyping with Brandon and his family.
Max ~ isn’t he an handsome guy!!!  Can’t wait to actually get to give him some hugs in July.
Christopher ~ age 3
Another picture of the smiling boy!
Max & Christopher together!
 Daddy holding Treyson up to the camera!
Christopher snuggling up to Daddy and holding Treyson.
 Christopher showing Grammy how big Treyson’s foot is.
Grandma Lynda holding Treyson’s foot up to the camera so we can see how big is foot is.  Notice the comparisonn to her hand.
And the print of his foot…almost too big for the paper 🙂
Christopher and Treyson
Christopher doing what he does best, making funny faces and showing off Treyson.
Max holding Treyson
Treyson shortly after he was born.  Our first glimpse of him. 
And can’t leave Miss Opal out of the family pictures.  
This was taken just before we left Blaine in January 2011.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures.

2 thoughts on “More Family Pictures”

  1. Aww…they are so cute. Don't you just love skype!!I visited my 8 yr old grandaughter for her birthday thru skype.It was so much fun!!!Sorry we haven't connected…it is a day by day roller coaster around here.Walker has been on a few jobs and I have been going and helping so we won't have to pay for a worker.Girl I am too old for this work..lol But you do have to do what needs to be done.When is your surgery?Kids are here for a visit..I was taking a break (nap)..lol Gotta go play some more!Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

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