Doin’ a Little Catch Up

Sorry I have been absent for so long.  

In a nut shell we have been working and playing and workin’ some more.  You can check out our playing at The Wandering Workentins

I told Ron on Friday as we were driving up to Medina Lake Thousand Trails I really wanted to do some writing this weekend.  I think about different things I could write about while I am working or during my quiet time with the Lord, but when I sit down to write…nothing is there.  
But today we have something beautiful to share ~ our beautiful new grandson.
Our beautiful daughter-in-love, Danalyn with Christopher before heading to the hospital 
early Wednesday morning, 5/25/11.
Welcome Treyson Xzavier Tate Workentin
11 lbs 6 oz., 22 1/2″ long
I just want to squeeze and kiss on those chubby cheeks!
And Christopher checking out Treyson for the first time!
We are so happy to welcome Treyson into our family.  And yes you read right…he weighed 11 lbs, 6 oz.  You can see more pictures at our other blog using the link above.

Update on my surgery ~ surgery is scheduled for July 11th at the Medina Regional Hospital in Hondo, TZ.  Barring any complications it will be an in/out procedure.  Ron and I have talked with Dr. Grabow about other surgeries I have had and the reaction to the anesthetic and so I am prepared to be admitted if necessary.  We would appreciate your continued prayers as I have the surgery and go through recovery.

Upcoming happenings ~  
~ we have a camping date with our friends Hank & Euona the weekend of June 10-12.  We will be returning here to Medina Lake Thousand Trails.  

~ the last Saturday in June is the Riverfest in Bandera, TX.  They have a huge car show, arts & craft fair, Bandera Idol competition, rodeo and other fun things to do.  

~ July 4th is another long weekend for us…not yet sure what we are going to do.  May go to Fredericksburg for the weekend.  Hoping to see a parade and of course, fireworks.

~ July 16th Max arrives!!!  We are so excited to have him come for a visit.  We have lots of things planned while he is here: go to the Alamo, the Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Rangers museum, attend a rodeo and the water park in Bandera, check out the Snake Farm and the Wildlife Ranch where we drive through the ranch and see all types of exotic animals.  And of course swimming and eating, two of Maxes favorite things to do!

Guess that’s all for now.  Thanks for following along in our journey of life.

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