Views of Lone Star Corral

One of the things we do here at Lone Star Corral is to take drives around the park in the early evening’s to just see how things are looking.  The other day I took the camera with me so I could share what some of the sights we see right here in our little community.  
Hope you enjoy!
This little motor home belongs to one our boon-docking guests.  It is about 22′ long.  
I thought it was kinda cute.  What do you think?
This is the front of the office.  My home away from home.  The two flowering plants are wild sunflowers.  We were being told to pull them there weeds.  We liked them so we kept them.  They grew to about  2′ taller before the flowers started to die off.  Then Ron removed them.  They were a bright yellow and beautiful to see from the window inside the office.
One of the many “sheds” through the park.
 Ron keeps threatening to “steal” Judi & Dave’s wheels.  Don’t think he is too serious though because she has been known to leave the keys in it while it is parked outside the office and Ron never does try to take it. 
 This little house sits across from the office.  I understand it has been pulled in a few of the local parades.  I think it would make a great playhouse for Opal – do you think we could tow it behind the Jeep when we head back to Washington?
 Ron likes this little cowboy!
 Can you tell what this landscape is made of?
 Hundreds of Golf Balls!!!
 This is one of Ron’s favorite lots here in Lone Star Corral.
Hope you enjoyed this visit to Lone Star Corral.

4 thoughts on “Views of Lone Star Corral”

  1. That was interesting tour of your park, Ali. Really, a yard made up of rocks and golf balls? That's one I've never heard of! 🙂

  2. Hi friend! Sorry for not chatting more…what a week.Lori went into labor a week ansd 1/2 early and I had to drive to College Station for the new grandbaby. I just got home and am trying to catch up.I will send you and email with my Phone #.Lets call and chat!!Love the park.The lizard is a horned toad lizard.Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

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