Friends, Wal-Mart, and Turkey ~ What do they have in common?

Last Tuesday, Walker came into the office and said Wal-Mart was having an unadvertised special on turkeys for 39 cents a pound.  He and Evelyn had bought 4 and were thinking of deep fat frying one but wondered what to do with the all the oil.  

Bonnie was in the office and said you could use it to cook up to 4 turkeys.  The conversation continued with the three of us deciding we could have a Turkey Frying Party.  So Bonnie made the trip to Wal~Mart.  Picked up a couple of turkeys for them and one for Ron and I.  Having no room in our motor home we decided to let ours thaw in the bathroom sink in the office.  We will cook them up once they are all thawed.

Wednesday, Margie & Ed bought a turkey as well.  Now we were up to four couples cooking at least 5 turkeys.
All the turkeys were thawed by Friday afternoon so the cooking commenced.  Ron and I were busy working so we could not participate in the cooking so we sent some cheese and crackers over to the cooks would not get too hungry and start munching on the turkeys as they were cooked.

About 4:30 p.m. Walker arrived and handed me this:

Now isn’t that one pretty turkey.  I put it on the counter in the motor home and let it sit while I closed up the office.  Once the office was closed I made a Risotta (type of rice) dish with Italian seasoning to enjoy with our turkey.  Both of us exclaimed “delicious.”  The turkey was so moist, melt in the mouth and filling.  After dinner Ron de-boned the turkey.  We ended up with enough meat for at least four meals all for less than $6.  

Side note: while Ron was busy working hard de-boning the turkey, I was off to play bingo in the clubhouse ~ and I won!  Two $4 wins!!  Not big dollar amounts but still lots of fun.

Thank you Bonnie, Ed, Walker, Evelyn, Ed (yes there are two of them) and Margie for doing all the cooking.  We will definitely have to do this again, but hopefully next time it will be on a Saturday or a Sunday so we can be included in all the fun.

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