The Middle of April Already

Thought I had better pop in here and give an update on what we are doing.  I have been struggling with what to write about on my blog since we are stationary right now.  And I don’t want to bore people but I think some of you like to know what we are doing.  So here is an update of what we have been doing the first 17 days of April 2011…

…Ron was sick for 4 1/2 days.  He got the crud that I had had in March.  He spent 3 1/2 days either in the bed or sleeping on the couch, drinking lots of liquids, taking Nyquil, Dayquil, hot water with lemon and local honey.  I knew he was feeling better when he started complaining about what I was watching on TV :).

…We have gone on a few day trips.  We drove around for about 3 hours the other day and never was more than 20 miles from the SKP park.    We went on paved roads, gravel roads and dirt roads.  Saw a house out in the middle of what we thought was nowhere and then drove right through the middle of one ranch just from following the turns in the road.  We saw some beautiful flowers (pictures to follow later) and even a yellow butterfly (no picture).  Saw a brand new baby calf, estimate it was just a few hours old.  She was just the sweetest honey brown color.  We saw lots of deer.  Even one fawn that just stood by the fence for the longest time.  She was beautiful.

…And we have eaten out way too many times.  Ron has wanted BBQ since we have been here and yesterday he got his wish.  We ate at Heavy’s BBQ in Hondo.  I had a beef sandwich with beans and coleslaw and Ron had a 3 meat plate with brisket, ribs and sausage with beans and coleslaw.  Ron shared his beans and slaw with me as they are not his favorite things to eat.  Today the Lion’s Club was having a chicken dinner fundraiser.  for $7 you got a bbq’d half chicken with beans and slaw.  We can honestly say this was a first for us.  The fundraiser was at Hondo City Park #1.  You drove in one gate, drove up to the table, ordered the number of meals you wanted, paid the server (in our case a young girl of about 10) and she brought us two to-go dinners and we drove out of the park.  And then we drove home and ate.  The food was great and it put a new name on drive through diner.  Ron ate his chicken about half of my chicken and I ate his beans and slaw along with my beans and slaw. 

And how many different ways can you make coleslaw…I think I have had it four or five different ways since we have been here in Texas.  From creamy to some with like an oil/vinegar dressing, one with lots of pepper and one with lots of carrot strips.  All have been tasty, even the one with lots of pepper.

…We have been participating in some of the activities here in the park.  I have played Bingo a couple of times, haven’t won but have had fun.  We have gone to the ice cream socials a few times and yesterday I went to a yard sale here in the Park…I sure miss going garage saleing…Ron sees no need to do that since we don’t have room for anything.  But I think it’s still a lot of fun to go and look.

…Today we attended First Baptist Church in Hondo again.  We went to Sunday School and felt very welcome.  In fact, one of the men, Alan, shook Ron’s hand and then told me he won’t give me a handshake anymore…now it’s hugs…made me feel like I was home.  The service was good, such great singing and praise time.  And the message was good – from Luke 23:32-33; it was on decision’s we make.  One thing that Pastor Dennis said really struck home with me “even if we don’t make a decision we are making a decision, it is just not a yes or no decision.” 

I was hoping they would have a Good Friday service but they are not.  I always enjoyed the Good Friday service at Northwood and sharing in communion.  I will check the paper this week to see if there is a Good Friday service we can attend.

…We are so enjoying our jobs.  This last week Ron hired a helper for the summer.  Mario is 18 years old and just lives down the road from the park.  He is working on Tuesdays, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.  He seems like a hard worker which is good.  I have been going through the Office Procedure book updating directions and making them easy to follow.  As well as making any changes that have been instituted since they were written.    Two weeks ago we did rearrange the office.  Yes I enjoyed moving and rearranging things and Ron was such a willing helper.  I will take some pictures of the changes and get them posted soon.

Prayer request ~~~

Last week I had my eyes checked for new glasses and found out that I have a double cataract on my right eye.  This was troubling since I only have one eye and to think I need to have surgery on it is very scary.  I talked with my doctor from Bellingham last week and he said I need to get it taken care of sooner than later.  So I have talked to a couple of people and gotten a couple of names of doctors in the area.  I will be calling them this week to talk about what I need and then make an appointment and go from there.  Please pray that my anxiety will not climb during this proc.ess and that things can be taken care of quickly and correctly and that the financial aspect of it can be worked out.  Since we don’t have insurance the financial piece alone causes extra stress.

Guess that’s all from here in D’Hanis, TX.   If anyone has any questions about what we are doing or you have suggestions on things we should make sure we see while here please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

3 responses to “The Middle of April Already”

  1. Sounds like things are going well except for the cataract we will pray for you and things will work out.

  2. Keep me up to date on your cataract situation as that is in my future too.Hugs…..

  3. Great update. Glad you are enjoying the jobs and have found a good church!

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