Eye Appointment

Had an eye appointment this afternoon.  I walked out in sticker shock ~ $302 for glasses…need the polycarbonite safety lenses, progressive bifocals and photo~grays = yep $302.  Can’t believe they cost so much BUT am thankful I had the money in the bank to cover the cost.  Plus the $50 for the eye exam.

The eye exam was filled with lots of hmmms…try this…now this….need to recheck this….found out I have astigmatism (sp) and double cataracts…yep…two on the same eye with the same lens.  Now that wouldn’t be too bad if I had two eyes but since one of my beautiful eyes is as fake as they make them (prosthetic) that leaves one eye.  Immediately my anxiety started to climb…my biggest fear is coming to fruition…having problems with my one and only eye.  And it is just not a cataract it is a double cataract with the lens clouding over from two different locations.  The doctor recommended an eye surgeon in Kerrville, about an hour and a half from here.  Now more fun to deal with (yes that is sarcastic tones coming from me).  So tomorrow I will call him and see if I can talk with him on the phone before making an appointment.

So feeling a little in shock I picked out new glasses…sure hope they look okay on me…do you know how hard it is to pick out glasses that you can’t see without your prescription glasses on.  They are kinda square with a light purply/pink tint to the frames.  And the photo grays are gray in color instead of brown…thought gray would look better with the purply/pink color.  Sure hope so.  The glasses should be ready in 7 to 10 days.  I will have hubby take my picture with the glasses when they arrive.  And I had to pick them out without hubby’s input ~ he is laying on the couch not feeling too well.  He woke with a sore throat this morning and barely made it through the day.  Don’t know if he is going to work or not tomorrow.  I gave him some Tylenol and the bottle of Vicks and a clean pair of socks.  Sure hope that Vicks works tonight.
After sticker shock I decided to do a little retail therapy…found a couple of tank tops, a light blue and a purple one for me and then a couple of pocket t-shirts for Ron.    Would have loved to do more shopping but the heart just wasn’t in it.  Maybe another day.

Stopped at Sonics and picked up some burgers and cheese poppers for dinner.  Not the healthiest but it was quick and easy.    And feeling frustrated and in shock after my appointment quick and easy was what I needed.

Am going to try not to worry too much.  Will call the doctor tomorrow.  This is when I wish I was home in Blaine with my eye surgeon who I know and trust.  Guess it is just time once again that I trust the Lord that He is in control in all this and that the doctors I am being directed too are the right ones for me.

2 thoughts on “Eye Appointment”

  1. Alice I am so sorry for your eye situation.We do have excelent Dr.s in the Kerriville area.I have some friends who have lived there all their lives..if you drop me a line who he is..I can have him checked out for you.I will be lifting you and decisions up in prayer. I hope to be home late next week.It has been a long 14 weeks away from home..lol Glad you are enjoying Tx.Hugs and lovin..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. I hope your eye situation works out with the new surgeon. Prayers!I know what you mean about getting new glasses. Not only are they expensive, but they are so hard to pick out when you can't see them! Even if Dave is with me, which he never is, he can't tell me if they look good or not. I don't like very many of the new styles, so I've been putting off getting new ones.

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