Our First Three Weeks at Lone Star Corral in PICTURES

Thought some of you would like to see some of the things we have seen since our arrival here in D’Hanis, Texas.  For ease in showing you the pictures I have put them into collages.  Let me know what you think of collages vs individual pictures.
Let’s begin with this one.
1.  Ron busy at work in the office.
2.  The view from our home here at Lone Star Corral.
3.  We have never seen a pickle packaged like this – tasted great!!
4. & 5. Are of a little town we came across on our way home from San Antonio last week.  The “clubhouse” is a little brick building.  We can say we have never seen quite a clubhouse like this.


And this is D’Hanis State Bank.  The bank building was built in 1906 and became the bank in 1925 and has been in this spot since.  Inside there is a deer hanging on the wall.  The vault that is still used today is the same vault that was built in 1925 just with some added security measures.  The tellers actually sit behind the barred window openings.  Ron told me not to take any pictures because people get quirky when people “case” the joint.  So I asked and the tellers said go ahead, everyone new does. 
Opening an account at this bank was quite interesting.  Everything is done by paper, no, nope, no computers.  The bank closes at 4:30 p.m. so that one of the tellers can take the days transactions to Hondo (7 miles away) so that everything can be inputted into the computer system.  When I asked for some temporary checks I was handed 5 green checks that look like play checks.  I used them to pay some bills ~ sure hope they go through.
One evening we had blogging friends Don & Pidge join us in D’Hanis at Bill & Rosa’s Cafe.  We were all amazed at the size of the soda pop’s that arrived.  No refills needed here.
The inside of Bill & Rosa’s Cafe.  On Saturday and Sunday they have different musicians come in to play & sing.  It is quite the fun place to go and spend time eating & visiting.
After working all week we joined Jerry & Jane in Dunlay, TX for a fish dinner.  Ron had catfish (that I snuck a few bites of) with fries and Texas green  beans.  He said they were pretty tasty.  I had cod & prawns with a baked potato and a green salad.  We arrived at Dunlay Market & Seafood Restaurant about 6:00 p.m. and left just before the restaurant closed at 10:00 p.m.  We laughed so hard at time I had tears running down my cheeks.  We look forward to getting together with Jerry & Jane as well as many other residents at Lone Star Corral.
We are enjoying our jobs here in D’Hanis and are getting into a schedule of sorts.  Each week I set our alarm for 15 minutes earlier than the week before.  We are wanting to get up at 6:00 a.m. so that I have time for my devotions & time with the Lord as well as get an half hour walk in before getting ready to go to work.  This week the alarm will be set for 6:15 a.m.  One more week and we will be getting back to our walking schedule.
Today we attended First Baptist Church of Hondo again.  It was a great service.  The sermon this week was about the same thing we heard last week at Church on the Hill.  You can read our observations and reflections of our first visits to both churches here.  But boy was the sermon today different from last week.  No theatrics just basic Bible teaching that we are heirs of the Lord.  And He loves us just for us, just as we are, just as He made us.
Next week we will be attending First Christian Church of Sebinal with Mike & Norma from here at Lone Star Corral.  We look forward to checking out another congregation here in the area.
Tomorrow we are having a stay-at-home day.  We need to do some cleaning, reorganizing, and the never ending job of laundry 🙂  Also need to get some stuff in the mail for an upcoming birthday boy as well as make some banana bread.  Bananas don’t last but about a day here in the heat…will have to figure out what other fruit to eat that will last a little longer.

6 responses to “Our First Three Weeks at Lone Star Corral in PICTURES”

  1. Interesting post. Looks like you are keeping busy but managing to have some fun as well. I enjoyed all the photos.

  2. It looks like you and Ron have been very busy during your first three weeks at Lone Star Corral. Great pictures! Glad you enjoyed all the visits with friends. Hey, no fair making me hungry for a dill pickle! 🙂

  3. Great pictures, looks like you guys have a nice place to live and work. I like meeting new friends to. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Love that bank. Last Sunday was a travel day – no church. I had gone on the GPS and the closest Methodist church was almost 50 miles away. We were going to go to a local Baptist church but realized late Saturday we never checked for times, etc.Something has been missing from our Sunday's two weeks in a row. It sure will not be missing three weeks.Nice pictures! And how great you are getting to meet even more blogging friends.

  5. Sounds like you aren't having any problems keeping busy. Happy you are enjoying your new jobs.You mentioned at the beginning of your post about collages and individual photos. I prefer individual ones, just my preference.Kevin and Ruthhttp://www.travelwithkevinandruth.com

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