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Three States in One Day

Today we traveled through three states. Kind of.

We started out in Clarkston, WA where we had been staying since Friday evening.  Clarkston is right across the river from Lewiston where our son, Brandon, and his wife, Danalyn and our two grandsons, Max & Christopher live.  But y’all already knew that didn’t ya!

First thing on the agenda this morning was to take Christopher’s swimvest back to their place.  When we returned to the motor home last night that is the first thing I saw was the little blue swim vest sitting in the sink.  As it was close to 11 p.m. we decided to just wait till this morning to take it by.  After another hug and see-you-later (Lewiston, Idaho) it was back to the motor home to get ready to get on the road.  We pulled out of the campground (in Clarkston, WA) at 11:02 a.m.  Then we had to go to Costco to get gas and a few groceries for the trip.  We actually got on the road to begin this leg of our journey at 11:50 a.m.  Not bad considering Ron really wanted to be on the road by 10:00 this morning.  Oh well, we have tomorrow to try to get an earlier start.

It was mid afternoon when we crossed from Washington into Oregon.  Ron did most of the driving except for an hour and a half.  I only made Ron a little nervous a few times.  At one point when i was driving on I84 heading west towards Portland I did comment that “this is really nervousing to me.”  It was at that point I was driving on the outside lane of the highway with one lane to the left between me and the mountainside and a guardrail and a little bit of shoulder and the Snake River.  A little later Ron said I did a great job driving today.  I think he only said that because he keeps saying he wants me to drive over the new bridge between Nevada and Arizona by Hoover Dam.  I think NOT!  What do y’all think of his crazy idea?

We stopped about 6:00 p.m. to eat some chicken and to get warm.  With the heater still not working in the rig it gets mighty chilly even with a sweatshirt, two pairs of slipper socks, and two blankets along with a pair of gloves.  It was at that time we decided to continue to Thousand Trails at Bend/Sunriver.  It was only 86 more miles.  I was so glad Ron took over the driving as it started to snow just outside of Bend.  We arrived here about 8:45 p.m.  After checking in at the ranger station and finding one of only two pull through spots we are settled for the night.

I made some chicken with wild rice soup and now we are catching up on emails and writing my blog posts.

If you are interested I started another blog.  It is called  Alice’s Restaurant ~ Dishin Up Food for Thought.  I will be writing some devotions, sharing some of the stories I have written and reflections of my heart.  Feel free to follow along.

Thank you for your many prayers for us as we make our way to D’Hanis, TX.  We continue to seek your prayers for safety on the road, no more mechanical problems with the motor home and for our finances.

5 responses to “Three States in One Day”

  1. When my friends are on the road I usually say \”drive safe …Stay Warm.\” But it looks like without heat, staying warm will be a bit harder.So drive safe …Head South!

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