The Hum of the Electric Heater

Have you ever listened to the hum of an electric heater.  It is very soothing to me right now.  Maybe because it is giving warmth where it has been very chilly.  You see the heater in the motor home quit working and so while driving in the motor home it gets quite chilly even with a sweatshirt and two pairs of slipper socks all the while snuggled down under two blankets.  The warmth of the heater is wonderful!

Today was a long day.  We got off to a late start this morning and didn’t actually get on the road till almost noon.  We pulled into the campsite just before 9 p.m.  I then made some chicken with wild rice soup.  It was really tasty and as the heater warms our outsides the soup warmed up our insides.  We are definitely feeling good.

As we were leaving Clarkston this morning the tears started to flow.  I am really going to miss seeing our grandchildren, sons and daughter-in-laws.  I sure hope it works out for me to make a trip back to see them at least once while we are in Texas.  I am also thankful for Skype.  At least I will be able to see them every so often.

Well I think I am going to head to bed.  Ron is already snoring away and now that I am all nice and warm I know I will sleep well.  Wishing each of you a great night of rest and a super duper good day tomorrow.

3 responses to “The Hum of the Electric Heater”

  1. Have a safe journey Alice and Ron. Glad to find your blog here, will stay in touch. Does Ron like his new, exotic, (dark haired) woman? It looks fantastic on you. I keep trying to convince myself that gray is distinguished, but guess what? It's just gray, we exotic ladies need color!!!!! Praying for your home to keep on rollin, and your travels to be sweet.Love, Nancy from the Boat House

  2. Hot chicken soup and a warm heater–that sounds like a bit of heaven after a long, cold, stressful day of travel. And today it's back at it again. Keep your chin up, Ali!

  3. Greetings from Southern California, USA I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.God Bless You, ~Ron 🙂

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