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Sunny California ~ Corning to be Exact

Greetings from Sunny California!!!

It is 71′ in the motor home and 65′ outside and we are enjoying the warmth just fine!  We arrived here at Rolling Hills Casino RV Park about 3:45 p.m.  As we pulled in we both thought of Bruce & Margie as this was one of their favorite places to stop for the night.  Bruce & Margie were dear blogging friends who were killed last October while in Pismo Beach.

We had a good days drive, leaving Bend, OR about 8:45 this morning.  We stopped just outside of Weed and made lunch.  It was sunny so we decided to take a walk.  It was a short lived walk as it was freezing outside and very windy.

We climbed multiple summits today with no problems.  Was even able to use the auxiliary gas tank.  While we were at Cascade Diesel Ron talked to John about the second gas tank the problems we seem to have with it and John told Ron to just use when he can, get that gas moving in that tank and use it up.  So that is what he is doing.  By using the front tank some it made our gas mileage go up a little because we only now put gas in the main tank.  Yesterday our average gas per mile was 4.87 today it was 6.86!!!  Well at least it looks good on paper.

Thanks to Stacey who was online with me as we climbed one 4500′ summit by Mt. Shasta…she prayed right along with me on Facebook  via chat that we would get up the summit with no problem.  Ron kept it at a steady speed of 30 mph and the motor home climbed slow but steady.  And then we rejoiced because we were going downhill once again.

Once we got to the south side of Weed the sun was shining and it started to warm up in the motor home.  In fact, we stopped at a rest area so we could both take off our sweatshirts and gloves!  Think we can pack those away now.  I can’t believe I am sitting here and the sun is shining in through the windows, we have the door open and the window behind the sink letting in lots of warm fresh air!

Tomorrow we will drive to Middletown, CA where my Aunt Joan & Uncle Don live.  We will be there for four nights.  It will be so good to spend more time with family.  

One thing Ron will be working on is the fuse for the heater/defroster blew again this afternoon so now the hydraulic jacks are not working again.  Also for some reason after the motor home sits over night we have to jump it with the house batteries.  He is going to talk to Uncle Don about what could be causing that problem.  

While at my aunt’s I don’t know if our cell phones will work up there.  They are out in the boogie toolies on some beautiful acreage.  I know I can use the internet as they have a router set up at their place so I can keep in touch that way.  We are both looking forward to having time with them.

Well Ron is taking a nap and I think I am going to go and join him.

9 responses to “Sunny California ~ Corning to be Exact”

  1. Ali and Ron, I am so glad to hear that you made it safely to Corning. And to have some sunshine, too, is even better. Safe travels on your trip to Middletown tomorrow!

  2. Glad to see your home/transportation is being kind and reliable, even if a little slow up-hill (but aren't we all).Stay in touch Alice, I love reading of your adventures.I'm off for an emergency visit to the dentist this afternoon, long neglected tooth, brand new toothache. That's what I get for being a sissy.Happy and safe travels, from Nancy, Ron, and Pepper the Pup at the Boat House

  3. I remember exactly where on each of our trips south when we were able to open a window or a door and let in fresh warm air! It's such a change after battling snow and ice and cold the day before, and suddenly be thrust into *spring* weather. Last time I even took a photo of a dandelion at a wayside! The dogs were sniffing it like \”WHAT IS THIS?\” as it had been sooo long since they saw grass or dandelions! LOL ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

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