Still sitting, waiting and wondering

We are still here at Cascade Diesel.  They believe they have identified the problem ~ a relay switch that is supposed to get the power from the gas tank to the thingy to make the gas go from the tank to the carburator or something like that.  In my pea brain is it something that is supposed to pump the gas from the tank to the fuel pump to the carberator…can you guess that I don’t have a clue what I am talking about???  Good thing the mechanic knows what he is doing.  We don’t know if this can be fixed today or if we will be here through the weekend for them to finish it up on Monday.  So here I sit in the waiting room, Ron is hanging in the motor home and the mechanic is doing his thing.

Have been relishing in the wonderful way the Lord lets me know we are not on this journey alone – phone calls from a couple of friends, emails and facebook posts that brings a smile to my lips and heart.  

We have been thinking of our journey to Hondo, TX and some changes we need to make on our route.  We have been putting in different routes on Mapquest, checking mileage and figuring where we could stop for the night, for how long we can take to get there.  Our deadline to be in Hondo is the 20th of February ~ ready to start work on the 21st.  We know we won’t be able to stop and visit everyone we planned originally but know that they will understand.  Once we are back on the road we will do the figuring of miles, driving days ~ we don’t like to go more than 250 to 300 miles per day.  And where we think we will be when.

We know the Lord is watching out for us and will provide for us…we just have to follow his leading and connect the dots.  Not always easy but we know we can do it.

Thank you for praying for us along this journey!  We feel your prayers and see Gods hand in things.

2 thoughts on “Still sitting, waiting and wondering”

  1. No worries, that should be a quick enough fix. It is just a fuel pump relay. I have never dealt with one that couldn't be fixed in under an hour if a part was available. Often relays can be very generic too and won't need to be designed for a particular vehicle as long as the amperage/voltage is in the right range. Hope they have you fixed soon! Hope you are warm and well :)-Mike97 Roadtrek 170P \”Taj Ma Trek\”HTTP://WWW.VanTramps.Com

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