Answering the Call in Faith

How we are continually facing life!
What a crazy day.  Sorted three totes of clothes…some to the clothing bank, some to a friend, some back to the storage unit and then some to take with us to Hondo.  Then a friend stopped by…had a great visit with her and then was just getting ready to start dinner and we got a phone call that Ron’s sister, Judy was going to the Emergency Room.  So off to the hospital we go.  Now we are playing the waiting game.  The doctor thinks it might be appendicitis so they are running some blood tests and doing a CAT scan.  When we hear more I will post an update here.
And this is how my head seems to be spinning about now.
We have lots to do…
…reservations to change
…family members to call
…an ignition switch to be replaced into the motor home (hard to go anywhere with no ignition switch 🙂  our friend, Tim is going to put it in on Friday evening)
…have to switch the hard top on the Jeep to the soft top…Ron mentioned having to drill a zillion holes…think he is planning to do that on Saturday so hoping the weather cooperates
…a few dinners with friends
…breakfast with the family on Sunday morning before church
…pick up some prescriptions
…go to Seattle for an eye appointment on Thursday (thanks Dee for being my personal driver…you are my bestie)
…Ron has to finish two plumbing jobs: redo some drain lines and replace a garbage disposal
…having coffee with my bestie
…and who knows what else needs to be done

…if you think of something I am not thinking about feel free to send me a note
…suggestions will be welcome

And this is how I plan on ending each day:
Sleeping like a babe…

6 responses to “Answering the Call in Faith”

  1. Nice pictures and post, Ali. I hope that Ron's sister makes a quick recovery. You really didn't need any more stress right now. Oh, that's right, it's an adventure, isn't it? 😉

  2. I wish blogs had a like button 🙂 but I guess that't what fb is for, huh?I sure like that picture I mentioned, of the flowers and fence. I think I've seen it before but you gave it a lasting memory today. I'll always feel good when I see that.

  3. Good luck with all the to do's and we hope Ron's sister is better soon!

  4. Our prayers are with your S-I-L. You are so busy. Don't know how you keep it all straight.

  5. Ali, Thinking of you and Ron and family..praying all will be ok…God Bless Zeee

  6. don't we all want to end our days like that..sleeping like a baby!!

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