Wednesday Words

Catchy title don’t you think?

Just kidding…wanted to write a post but could not think of a title that was eye catching.  Oh well,. 

We arrived at Beachwood about 5:40 p.m. 4 minutes after Maggie (our gps) said we should so that was not too bad.

We woke up on Sunday to about 6″ of new snow in Cle Elum.  We had breakfast and then Ron took a little drive in the Jeep to check out the roads and to see if it looked like we could make it with the motor home.  Normally we would not have been super eager to get back to Blaine except Ron was to report to for jury duty on Monday morning.  

Ron came back and said it looked like it would be okay to hit the road.  So we readied the motor home for travel.  The owner of the campgrounds came and plowed the road and in front of the motor home so we would not have any problems getting out.  Ron took off in the motor home and I followed in the Jeep.  Ron pulled over when he got a long clearing so we could hook up the Jeep.  (Thank you sweet Santa for the tow bar ~ we love it and so appreciate it!).  We got on I90 headed west at mile marker 84.  At mile marker 71 we pulled over to put chains on the motor home as required.  All vehicles over 10,000 lbs had to do that.  There were lots of semi’s pulled over as well.  I did notice a motor home pulling a Jeep Cherokee go flying past us.  After getting the chains on we got back on the road.  About 3 miles up the road that same motor home was pulled over along with a few other vehicles and a cop car.  Better them than us we both said.

Our first stop was in Redmond, WA.  We met up with Chuck from Noel’s Tree Farm who we had sold Christmas Trees for.  We were dropping off the tote with all the supplies that we had used.  Found out Chuck had had a mini stroke on New Years Eve and had just gotten out of the hospital.  We made arrangements for him to mail us our final check and told him we would talk to him later this week.

Back on the road we continued North on 405 towards Whatcom County. From 405 we got on I5 heading North.   One of the things we needed to do before arriving at Beachwood was get propane.  We stopped at the Alger Shell station.  It was a tight turn and so we had to unhook the Jeep, get propane and then hook up the Jeep again.  I offered to just drive the Jeep the rest of the way and Ron said no way.  The last time we were driving in two vehicles we had motor home problems.  Nope wasn’t going to have another problem.  So Ron hooked up the Jeep and we got back on I5 and continued on our way.  As I said we arrived about 5:40 p.m.  We got settled into our site.  Decided to just hook up to their cable instead of trying to set up the satellite dish in the dark.  Made a quick dinner of chili w/polish sausage and tater tots.  Tasted good and was easy to fix after a long day of driving.

Ron called to find out about jury duty.  He was to report at 12:30 on Monday afternoon.  We just settled in for the night with both of us reading blogs, forums and getting caught up on Facebook.  

Monday morning I was off to coffee with my best friend, Dee.  Ron went to jury duty in the afternoon.  Dee and I had a good day: first we went to Woods Coffee, then to Bobs Burger & Brew for lunch and then to her house to await Ron’s call saying he was on his way home.  It was a great day of relaxing and visiting.  Ron was selected to sit on a jury.  Guess I will hear all about it (and then share with y’all  (don’t you like my practicing of speaking Texan 😉 

Tuesday I spent a lot of the day cleaning and working on trip and schedule plans for our trip to Texas.  Can’t believe in one month and one day we leave for our month long trip to Hondo.  Ron reported for jury duty and is now known at juror #1.   We had been hearing for the last two days that a bad snow storm was due to hit our area.  Because of this a friend and his son were going to stay in one of the trailers here at Beachwood so we made plans for them to join us for dinner.  I made spaghetti and garlic cheese biscuits for dinner.  The spaghetti was pretty tasty but the biscuits were a little dry ~ not sure what to do to change that the next time I make them.  We had a delightful evening of visiting and reconnecting with them.  By the time they left at 9:00 p.m. the snow had started falling.  It sure was pretty.

Woke up this morning to everything covered in white.  All the schools in Whatcom County were closed except for the local community college and university.  Ron returned to Bellingham for the third day of jury duty.  He called me about 10:45 this morning to let me know the courthouse had been evacuated to a “suspicious package” found on the 2nd floor.  They were not allowed to return until close to 2:00 p.m.  Don’t know what they found but all was clear for court to resume.

I had a very lazy day at home.  In fact, I stayed in my jammies all day.  I watched the snow begin to melt, the roads get plowed and the weather turn to rain.  I did make Mexican chicken and rice for dinner.  And as Ron said “it was finger licking good.”  A pretty good compliment if i say so myself.

Would like to ask for prayers for us as we continue to plan for our trip to Hondo.  We have lots of friends we want to see, a granddaughter to see, hug & kiss on, stuff to get out of storage and put more stuff in, organize the cupboards and storage spots on the motor home, doctor and eye appointments, a granddaughter to love, kiss & hug on, post our itinerary, visit with friends and more visits with our precious Opal Rae and her mommy & daddy too!

If you are nearby we would love to see you.  Give us a holler on the cell phone or send me an email or a comment on this post so we can set a date to get together.  We also hope to connect with as many of you as we can who live along our route.

Take care everyone!  And have a blessed day!



7 responses to “Wednesday Words”

  1. I always enjoy reading about your adventures – although I don't always comment! I just want you to know that I AM reading them!! When do y'all head south?

  2. Great times…so happy that you are both enjoying the tow package. Are you using the brake system too? That is such a great way to save on your motorhome brakes.Safe travels!

  3. Does Ron like Jury Duty? I have been called up so many times, I was begining to think they had just put me on our countie's payroll. The last 2 times I was able to get out of it because of my broter's illness and my taking care of him. Actually I kind of liked serving, but don't tell anyone… 🙂

  4. Good thing that Ron could serve his time, I mean his jury duty time, before you left for your year-long time in Texas. ;-0

  5. Ali, I enjoy reading your blog, I love to read the outcome of how God shows up and work things out for your good. Have you and Ron thought about working as Mr & Mrs Santa. Both of you would be great with your pleasant and pleasing personality. When I look at some of your photo, both of you reminds me of Mr. & Mrs. Santa. They do make good money for there appearances. I work for an organization that paid $350 for a husband and wife for 4 hours. They have such a busy schedule that we have to book them a year in advance.

  6. Ali, I love to read your blog. I enjoy reading the outcome of how God is working in your life. Have you and Ron thought about working as Mr. & Mrs. Santa, I think this would be a job that would be perfect for both of you with your pleasant and kind spirits. They do make good money during the holiday season. An organization that I work with paid $350.00 for 4 hours this year. This couple is so busy that we have to book them a year in advance. Just something to think about

  7. Sounds like you all had a great time, Ali! Love checking in on y'all! *wink*

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