Round Two of Basketball

Tuesday night Ron and I drove out to Orofino to watch Brandon coach his team.
This is what the front window of the Jeep looked like:
The view from the inside of the Jeep.  Looks kinda pretty if you ask me.
The program for the evening:

Close up of the inside of the program.  Sure am proud of that boy of ours.
 The welcoming picture to the gym:
Some of you may be wondering why they are called the Maniacs.  It is because the school is located next to the prison which is next to the State hospital.

And then there was the game:
It was a pretty sad loss.  The boys played hard but had a lot of problems in the third quarter.  They did come back and even went ahead but Timberline just had too much oomph and we lost by 10.  All we can say is: Go Maniacs!  

We have two more games of basketball before we leave on Saturday morning.  
Tonight Max has a game.  Danalyn is still not feeling well so we will take Christopher and Max to the Lewiston Boys & Girls Club for Max’ game.

Tomorrow night Brandon’s team has another home game in Orofino.  We will take the boys if Danalyn is still not feeling up to par.

Hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of the basketball that we are so enjoying!

One response to “Round Two of Basketball”

  1. Yes, nice windows. Like artwork.And pretty cool to see all the pics from the basketball game. I hope the Maniacs won their next game. :-)I also want to wish you a wonderful 2011!

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