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Good morning!

 Have been on the computer reading Facebook and blogs I follow and Donna from 2 Taking a 5th asked “What were you?  I think it’s interesting to find out what kind of jobs/careers others have held” and I thought what a great blog topic so I borrowed it.  Am sure she won’t mind.

So here goes for me ~ started babysitting at age 10, made 35 cents an hour.  Then got a job at the bowling alley where my mom worked: worked in the nursery, in the snack bar and then behind the counter handing out shoes, sheets, learned the cash register, how to call the back to help out.  It was a lot of fun and I got to spend time with my mom.  It was also the only time I have been fired from a job ~~~ another blog post in the making.

Then I worked at Lerner’s, a dress shop.  Became a receptionist in a realtors office in Las Vegas and then worked in the snack bar at AAFES while stationed at Soesterberg AFB in Holland.  Did house cleaning, day care in our home, sold or tried to sell liquid writing paint (that was in the late 70’s early 80’s).  Was a stay-at-home wife & mom for a few years.  Became a church secretary and then went back to school and got my BA degree in Human Services.  Worked as a receptionist in a doctor’s office, case-manager for a Child Advocacy program, facilitator for Parents Anonymous,  front desk clerk for Planned Parenthood (not a good fit for me).  Again was a case-manager for teens in a group home/foster care for a non-profit and then became a Home Health biller, DME reimbursement supervisor and then Office Manager for Option Care, a Home Health/Home Infusion company.  And then full circle back to being a church secretary.  Then a cashier for the carnival along with office assistant and a Christmas tree seller.

My most favorite career ~ being a wife, mother and bestest of all ~ a Grammy!!! to my three grandchildren.

Miss Opal

Mr. Max

Crazy Chris

Never one to miss an opportunity to show off my grands!! Aren’t they the cutest!!!

Ron has also had many jobs/careers: he started out picking berries then moved on to putting in hay, a job he still enjoys doing today.  He then started doing maintenance in a trailer park and then joined the US Air Force.  He was stationed San Antonio, TX for basic training, Lowry AFB, Denver, Co and then onto Nellis AFB in Las Vegas ~ so glad he got stationed there as that is where we met, married and started our family.  From there he went to Soesterberg AFB in Holland and then we returned to McChord AFB in Tacoma, WA when his father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. While in the Air Force he held a part-time job working at Sees Candy (used to bring my mom crushed boxes of chocolate bordeaux) and worked very short term for a gas station.   After getting out of the Air Force in September 1980 he worked as a framing laborer in Bonney Lake, WA, put in insulation for a little while and then worked in a fruit packing plant (got a huge box of blueberries ~ lots of stories there ~ another blog post in the making), then laborer in construction for different companies.  Then he started working in a pipe yard and returned to school to get his welding certificate.

Then we moved to Blaine and he went to work for a boat yard, continuing as a welder.  After doing that for awhile he started as a laborer for his cousin’s husband in their plumbing business.  He was with them for 10 years and then worked for another plumber for a few months before opening his own plumbing business.  He ran his own plumbing & home repair business for 10 years along with putting in hay for friends once in awhile.  After our business dried up (pun intended) he joined the carnival as a cashier and then became a ride jock: setting up, tearing down and running rides.  His most recent job was selling Christmas trees.

We have definitely had many different jobs and careers.  And all the while doing these different things we moved 33 times in 35 years of marriage.  Those moves do not include the many times we have moved locations since moving into the motor home in November 2006.

So how about you?  What kinds of jobs/careers have you held?


5 responses to “Blog Topic from a Friend”

  1. Glad you stole it…nice to spread the fun around a little. LOL! It's amazing when we start to think back, isn't it.

  2. WOW! You both have done so much!! It was fun getting to know you better 🙂 The grandkids are adorable!!Nellie

  3. Looks like Froggi's idea is sweeping blogville. Might have to try it myself. 🙂 Interesting to read about your varied work life.

  4. I remember buying dresses at Lerners in Milwaukee. I never had enough money and would put a few dollars down and use the lay-away-plan! No credit cards in those days! If you didn't have the cash, you couldn't buy the dress!

  5. Your grands are just adorable! Look at those smiles!!!Me- waitress, store clerk, day care provider (til kids hit school age) then real estate broker, advertising editor, hardware store clerk and now an artist with my own studio. Steve- mechanic, facilities maintenance and locksmith at the university.Soon both to be RETIRED!Gosh that is just too stressful.. you need to both retire… FAST! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

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