Happy New Years ~ 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!

Can’t believe that it is now 2011!  Where has 2010 gone?  I have been doing some reflecting the last couple of days ~ mostly while driving and Christopher napped and then once we have settled back into our motor home in the evenings.

One year ago we were facing some major changes in our lives.  Our plumbing business was almost non-existent.  We had a total of six customers from January 1 to March 21.  We knew something had to change so we started looking for new work.  

We applied for and was given employment with Funtastic Shows.  W were with them from March 24 to September 30, 2010.  You can read all about our adventures with the carnival by going to our archives beginning in early February where we begin to share about our new adventure.  We had lots of fun, met lots of people, made many new friends and faced a few challenges.  In thinking back about our time with the carnival we give thanks to God for his protection over us when we had major motor home problems on our way to Wenatchee and then as we headed to Sequim.  God gave us strength to work 10 days straight in Salem, OR and 17 days in Puyallup, WA.  We had surprise visits from the Tuski’s, the Alesse’s and the Coast to Coast Triplets and reconnected with Cory & Karen Crawford.  He was faithful as we got back on our feet financially.

October found us traveling to see family in Pasco, WA and Lewiston, ID.  On our return to Whatcom County the end of October we had another issue with the engine in our motor home where it caught on fire.  It took three weeks to get authorization from the insurance company and the repairs to be made.  During that time we stayed at our friends, Jim & Mei’s condo, The Haishan Inn.  While waiting for the motor home to be repaired Ron was busy looking for work and I worked at Northwood Alliance Church.  

We applied for and were hired to sell Christmas trees.  We were assigned a lot in Edmonds, WA.  You can read all about our time selling Christmas trees by going to the archives in November.  We worked at the tree lot from November 22nd to December 24th.  We sold 281 trees!  We did not make the money we thought we would make but we had fun!  We also had lots of visitors: Dee & Tim Griffith, Jim & Mary Lang, Patrick & Patricia Alesse, Bryan Weiderspohn along with Evan and Lauren and Stacey Lynch.

After completing our gig of selling Christmas trees we made our way to Moses Lake, WA where we were able to visit with Ron’s Aunt Ione, Uncle John and cousin Hans!  Then we were off to Newport, WA and Post Falls, ID for some Orofino High School Maniacs Basketball and of course see Brandon, Danalyn, Max & Christopher.  After three days in Post Falls we made our way to Clarkston, WA/Lewiston, ID to celebrate Christmas with Brandon and his family and some relaxation.  

And now we plan for 2011 

We will be here in Clarkston/Lewiston till Saturday, January 8th when we head back to Whatcom County.

January 10th to 21st Ron has jury duty in Whatcom County.  We also plan on doing lots of visiting with friends and family.  Need to get more Grammy time with Opal and her parents, Jamie & Suzanne before we start on our next adventure.

On February 13th we head out on the road again…this time to Hondo, Texas!  where we have accepted new positions at Lone Star Corral.  I will be the Office Manager and Ron will be the Outside Property Manager.  Lone Star Corral is an Escapees Co-op Campground.  They have 130 sites.

I will be posting our itinerary as soon as Ron has it figured out.  You can follow it on the left side of my blog under “Where we are going?” and you can see where we are at under “Where Are We?”

We hope you have enjoyed following along with us this past year and we look forward to you doing the same in 2011.  

I want to say a special thank you to all my followers – there are now 80 of you that admit to following along.  I know of a few more who just check in every once in awhile and I thank you as well for tagging along.  As usual I love to read your comments and answer your questions.

Happy New Year 2011!!!


14 responses to “Happy New Years ~ 2011”

  1. Dearest Ali, you have such a busy and interesting life. 2010 sounds like it was one heck of a roller coaster for y'all. God seems to bless us strangely sometimes by taking things away. Sometimes I wish I could just let go of things and learn to appreciate the hear and now. That's my wish, goal or plan for 2011. To be more in the moment, to be more trusting of God and to learn to love and appreciate the simplest of things. To let go of the fear. It hasn't gotten me a dang place.I wish you and Ron all things good for 2011. And I look forward to traveling with you through your stories.Lots and love and hugs…Tracy 🙂

  2. Good to see you have a PLAN, I know with both your work ethics you guys will do great at the new job in Texas. I hope you enjoy warmer weather soon. Have a great new Year, and we will be there with you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

  3. Happy New Year to you!! 🙂

  4. You have certainly had a full year. Hope 2011 is great for you.

  5. Have a wonderful New Year!

  6. What a year you had. Hope 2011 is great for you guys.Happy New Year

  7. Thanks for your note on my blog. I would love to get together when you are back in the area.Help with tomorrow's reception? No. Just a 14 yr. old daughter to help with a few things. Not one friend even offered to bake any of the desserts. Nope. Like I said … I am pretty alone right now.Look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks.Laurel

  8. Oops! Looks like my comment was posted under my husband's google acct. Sorry.

  9. Happy 2011, Ali and Ron. I like seeing your upcoming itinerary on the side of your blog. It's a good way to keep track of where you are. I'm so glad that you are able to spend some quality (and quantity) time in Lewiston with Brandon and family now that you are done selling trees.

  10. Quite a year! All the best for 2011!

  11. At this moment we are guests at the SKP park in Hondo, TX (soon to be lot owners)and I am sure you will love our park. But we are very sorry that Peggy and David can not stay on with us, but we wish them well and hope that her mother recovers. We also are from WA state and lived for a time in Lewiston, ID before going full time seven years ago. Catch our adventures at http://www.wandering in the usa.blogspot.com looking forward to meeting you next fall as we will be gone by the time you arrive here. Good luck and be safe. Kay and Bill

  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog. our email is: bnkontheroad@hotmail.com Send me a message as it is easier to communicate by email.Hope to hear from you soon….Kay

  13. Hey Ali, I have enjoyed following along with your fun this year! I really hope you both have a Wonderful Year full of more blessings and joy! Heidi and I are headed back to Port Angeles Tomorrow from Az, maybe we can meet up with you in 2011 sometime in the PNW 🙂 -Mike & Heidi97 Roadtrek 170P \”Taj Ma Trek\”HTTP://WWW.VanTramps.Com

  14. Happy New Year Wandering Workentins! I look forward to following your 2011 journey. LevonneA Camp Host's Meanderings & Levonne's Pretty Pics

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