From Post Falls to Clarkston, WA/Lewiston, IDI

We woke up about 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 30th to see if we were going to be able to make it from Post Falls to Lewiston.  Remember the roads between these two places were closed yesterday afternoon.  And this is what we found when we looked outside:

It was still snowing when we woke up. 

So we got on line.  Checked the roads, talked to Brandon to see what the team was doing and made our decision.  We would go to Lewiston IF we could get out of our site.  They had plowed the roads in the campground the day before and we had about 2′ of snow in front of the rig.  So first on the agenda I got busy putting the breakfast casserole in the oven.  Thanks Lynda for the recipe, not only was it a hit with Ron on Christmas morning the grand boys ate it with gusto.  While I was busy with breakfast stuff Ron climbed on the roof of the motor home and took down the satellite dish, used the ladder to get the windshield cover off (it had to be stored in the tub as it was frozen solid) and stopped a guy with a truck with a plow on the frontend.  Yeah!  God answered our prayers.  This kind gentleman plowed the road in front of the motor home giving Ron a pretty clear and flat area to get the motor home out of our site.

The next prayer went up for the motor home to start.  Remember we had been having problems and we got the battery replaced while in Edmonds, WA.  It took a few minutes but it finally turned over.  Christopher said “thank you Jesus” after hearing me saying thanks.  It is so sweet to hear him talk about Jesus.  We had been hearing how Christmas was Jesus’ birthday and we had to sing to him a few times in the last couple of days.  So we got the motor home ready, got the Jeep loaded and we were off.  We left Post Falls about 11:30 a.m. and arrived in Clarkston at Hells Canyon RV Park & Marina.  This is what we looked like:


That big clump of dirty snow was attached to the side of the Jeep till Ron knocked it off.

Ice build up on the step

More icicles on the side of the motor home.  The compartment just under the awning arm is frozen shut.  Hopefully tomorrow Ron will be able to open it.

Icicle hanging off the water hookup spot.

The backend of the motor home.  It definitely needs a bath when we get back to Whatcom County.

Another picture of the front end.  And this is after 4 hours of driving.

Drivers side of the Jeep.

Close up of the ice build up on the Jeep.

 We arrived safely at the campground, got the motor home all set up and then called Danalyn to come and get the boys and their suitcase.  We love our little Jeep but with the seat set up so Christopher could ride in his carseat there was absolutely no room for their suitcase.  Good thing we had the motor home to carry their belongings.

We will be here in Clarkston/Lewiston till the morning of January 8th when we will start our return trip to Blaine.

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