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Christmas Celebration in Lewiston 2010

After getting settled in at the campground and a couple of phone calls with Danalyn & Brandon we decided to have leftover spaghetti and salad for dinner and then open Christmas presents.  Christopher was excited that it was almost time to open gifts.  He had been eying them since he arrived in Post Falls on Tuesday afternoon and here it was Thursday night.

So without further ado ~~~

Max with his TWO nerf guns!  Bullets fly everywhere and Grammy is the perfect place to hide behind because Max knows not to shoot Grammy 🙂

Christopher getting help from Daddy in a shooting war with Max.

Christopher handing out presents.

Ron opening our gift from Brandon & Danalyn.  Two important dates were noted: January 7th we find out if we are getting a new granddaughter or grandson! and May 27th when she/he is to make her/his first appearance!!!!

Ron still studying the calendar (no more surprises) and Brandon & Danalyn opening their grill which they can use on the stove in the kitchen.  No more standing outside in the freezing cold to grill hamburgers 🙂

Christopher checking out his new puzzle.
Showing Grammy his puzzle.

Max and Christohpher opening a joint present.

Max opening his snow shoes.  He could have used those in Post Falls but they had been shipped to Lewiston.  Guess Max & Grandpa may have to take a day trip to go play in the snow.

Christopher checking out his Mickey Mouse book.

Brandon & Danalyn checking out their new cookbooks.

Max trying to figure out those snow shoes.

Christopher with his gifts and the wrapping paper.

Ron, Brandon, & Danalyn checking out their gifts.

The family enjoying opening their gifts.

Danalyn checking out her new bag and finding $20 inside.  This Grammy then remembered she forgot to include Brandon’s $20 in his package.  Forgetful Grammy!

Max checking out the race track set that he and Christopher got.

And everyone knows good boys brush their teeth after eating another candy cane.

The devotional prayer journal book I received…so thankful for a special gift to use every day.

Christopher playing with the race track and trucks.

And you will notice I don’t have many pictures of Max.  He is 12 and just does not like to let me take his picture.  Hopefully I can get some this coming week while he is playing basketball.  Or else I will have to have Grandpa hold him down in a tickling match so I can get some pictures of that darn boy!!!

We had a wonderful evening of watching the boys open their gifts and play and play some more.  And of course, we are so excited to find out that another little Workentin is due to join our family in 2011!!!

Prayer request ~ please keep this little one in your prayers as she/he is growing inside of Danalyn.  And for Danalyn not to get overly tired as she works at Life Care Center and is Mommy to Christopher & Max and wife to Brandon.

One response to “Christmas Celebration in Lewiston 2010”

  1. Congratulations to Brandon and Danalyn on the expected arrival at the end of May. I will pray for a safe, healthy pregnancy for Danalyn. Can't wait to find out whether it's a boy or girl!

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