Our Anniversary and a few other things!

Monday, December 20th we celebrated 35 years of marriage.  We slept till about 8:30 a.m. and then we walked across the street for breakfast.  I had an omelet and Ron had his favorite, biscuits & gravy.  We enjoyed our time and then headed back to the tree lot.  I am so thankful for the man God gave me in my husband.  We have shared many journey’s.  We have had 33 different residences and almost as many cars.  We moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to The Netherlands and then back to Washington state.  Together we have traveled the states of Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Montana and into British Columbia.  We are anticipating more travels in the years to come.

Ron & Alice celebrating 35 years of marriage.  Any tips on taking self portraits will be appreciated 🙂

I do have to share one memory that brings laughs to both Ron & I every time we think about it.  On our wedding night, like two normal scared teenagers (who really thought they were adults) we crawled into bed OK IT’S CLEAN, YOU CAN CONTINUE! and I snuggled up next to Ron.  I put my bare feet up against Ron’s legs.  He JUMPED and SCREAMED, woman your feet are cold, ice cold!!!  We still laugh about that.  Ron says my feet have never been that cold since.
We have two grown sons.  Jamie & Brandon.  We buried our first born, Royce when he was 3 days old.  We have welcomed Suzanne & Danalyn as our daughters-in-love (sounds so much better than law).  And we have 3 terrific grandchildren.  Opal is Jamie’s little girl.  She will be three on February 24th.  We call her our miracle baby as she joined us weighing in at 1 lb 15 oz and 13 1/2″ long.  She is an active little girl who loves her baby and shares many laughs with us.  Brandon & Danalyn have blessed us with two handsome boys.  Max is 12 and in the 6th grade.  He loves all things Boise State University and plays soccer, basketball and baseball.  He is an avid reader like his dad and Uncle Jamie.  Christopher is our ever moving, constantly climbing almost 3 year old grandson.  He loves his daddy, goes to daycare right at his mommies work and loves anything Mickey Mouse.  God has richly blessed us with our family.

Opal, November 2010

Max & Christopher, October 2010
Hint, hint, this Grammy needs some updated pictures of these grand kids!!!

Our Christmas tree selling job is drawing to a close.  We have sold 272 trees and have 17 left to sell.  We will finish up here tomorrow, Christmas Eve at 5:00 p.m. unless we sell out sooner.  We have met many wonderful people and truly enjoyed seeing the little ones as they pick out their Christmas tree.  We gave out 82 decorated candy canes and 37 Christmas lollipops.   Ron has made five Charlie Brown Christmas trees for different children.  If we were to do this again I think we would make more of them to give to the little tykes.  

And this customer opened her sun roof on her Honda Del Sol and Ron put the tree into the front seat! 

And we have had visitors this week.  On Monday, Ben Gibson and Kyla Rhode brought the sides to the flatbed trailer down from Blaine.  It was good to see them, so appreciated them making a trip down from Blaine to help us out.  We needed the sides to the trailer so we could sell it to Chuck (the owner of the Christmas tree lot).  Thanks Ben for taking time out of your vacation to help us out.

Ben Gibson helping Ron to put the sides on the trailer.

On Tuesday, my friend Stacey and her labra-doodle, Emma came down for a visit.  She made Ron’s day by bringing him homemade peanut butter cookies.  Stacey and I went to Family Pancake House for lunch and a good visit.  And the visits continued.  Tuesday night I got an email from my best friend and personal mail gal asking if I wanted company.  Sure come on down.  So Wednesday Dee showed up just as we were finishing up the laundry.  We visited for a while and then headed over to the Teriyaki place in this little strip mall.  I had tried to get Ron to go there but he kept telling me no.  So Dee and I went and ate a really great lunch.  Then we did some shopping at TJ Max  followed up by more visiting before she had to head for home.  Thanks Stacey and Dee for making the days here at the Christmas tree lot a little brighter.  Can’t wait to catch up with you both again in January ~ there are definitely going to be some coffee times at Woods or Blackberry House!

After we are done here tomorrow we will be attending Edmonds Lutheran Church for their Christmas Eve service.  And then on Saturday, Christmas Day we will be heading east to meet up with Brandon and his family on Tuesday in Post Falls, Idaho.  We will be spending three days in Post Falls to attend some high school basketball games.  Brandon teaches at Orofino High School and is also their head boys basketball coach and they are in a Christmas tournament in Spirit Lake, Idaho.  Ron has missed watching the Blaine boys basketball team play this year.  Then on December 30th we will go to Lewiston to spend a week with Brandon & Danalyn and get in some Grammy & Grandpa time!!

One more funny to share and again it happened in bed.  This morning, very early, I was dreaming about being at church.  Charles asked me to do something and to be quiet about doing it.  Guess when a couple or more women get together it can get kinda loud.  Well I was setting up the coffee and some goodies for some event AND quite a few women came into the kitchen and started eating stuff off the table.  One lady tried to go behind me and I stuck my leg out and kicked her HARD.  Well actually, I kicked HARD alright, right onto Ron’s ankle bone.  This morning!  He SCREAMED, I woke up, told him my foot hurt.  Wonder why he says.  You just kicked me.  I wasn’t kicking him, I was kicking this lady.  We laid in bed and just laughed and laughed!  It may not have been cold feet but my feet were involved.  Good thing he loves me!!!
Guess that’s all from here for now!  Wishing each of you a wonderfully blessed day!  

9 thoughts on “Our Anniversary and a few other things!”

  1. Oh Ali..I can't wait to go to lunch sometime with you..and have ya'll over for a meal..or two..or more..lolHave a safe trip and enjoy the family.Hugs Cindy

  2. Hi Ali. Both Ellie and I laughed at your stories this morning. This brings back memories of our own. Several years ago I was having some sort of bad dream and I really backhanded Ellie, I mean really hard. Oh my gosh, I have felt bad about that one for years. Merry Christmas to you and Ron!Johnhttp://relaxedrush.blogspot.com

  3. Me too! Me too! Can I join y'all for lunch?On my blog you asked about the faucet. The reason it took so long to decide is, our unit is a 2009 model. All faucets, door handles, etc are the dark copper color. Very few options in stores with that color and most are really too big for an RV size sink. The one we got also has a soap dispenser but we do not feel comfortable cutting a hole in the Corian to install it.What a great family you have. You are richly blessed. God be with you all in your travels. (As you and I both know HE will be.)

  4. You guys are truly Blessed with Family and great memories, Donna & I are in the 30 plus bracket also, and can't wait to finally get on our own and do some traveling. Have a great Christmas Day. Sam & Donna.

  5. Ali,Thank you for your comment about Victor and me eating the cookies as a way to take care of myself. I laughed out loud on that one! Thanks. Congrats on selling nearly all your trees! And watch out for those feet in 2011. You never know what they're going to be up to! Happy anniversary you two. Levonne

  6. Just found your blog —-and I love it!! You are visiting one of my favorite places on earth Northern Idaho – I lived there for 40 plus years until I moved away last year and I miss it — BAD!! Take more pics please!! Will be following you and you can find me at elevenfootrv/blogspot.com

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