Walking the Dog, Walking with God

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I was reading a couple of blogs that I follow and they had to do with walking their dogs, things to think about while walking, communing with God.  So I thought I would post the story I wrote Fall 2004/Spring 2005 while walking our dog, Ozzie.    Ozzie was a German Shepherd/Chow mix ~ big and strong.  Hope you enjoy reading this story.  As always, comments are appreciated.

Walking the Dog, Walking with God

had been struggling with lots of anxiety and worries.  I was worried about our son, Jamie, who was
serving in Iraq
and our other son, Brandon, who was struggling with school and job issues.  I found myself so depressed I could barely
function.  I struggled to get out of bed,
to take a shower or to do any of the other bare necessities.

Tuesday was no different.  I stayed in
bed feeling like there was no reason to go on with life.  Afraid of what the future might hold.  What if something happened to Jamie?   What if Brandon did not finish school?  What if? just kept running through my
mind.  I felt as bleak on the inside as
the weather outside.  The sky was dark
and grey, rain was pelting down and the wind was blowing in every
direction.  It was as crummy outside as I
was feeling inside.

telephone rang.  It was the pastor
returning my call.  He asked how I was
doing.  I began crying.  I told him I was not doing very well.  I was depressed and feeling overwhelmed with
worries about Jamie and Brandon, tired of struggling to make ends meet and
questioning myself about why should I bother to go on living.  We talked for a while and then he prayed with
me.  After praying he suggested I take
the dog and go for a walk.  I told him he
had to be kidding, couldn’t he see how nasty the weather was outside.  I gave him all the excuses I could think of
why I should not go for a walk: it was raining, it was cold and windy outside,
I was too tired, the list went on but he stood firm that I should go for a
walk.  I would feel better if I got out
and did something.  Nothing I said made a
difference to him.  He would not back
down and I was too tired to continue arguing with him so I said, “Fine. 
I will go for a walk with the dog. 
I will call you when I get back.”

put on my scarf, ear muffs, gloves and raincoat and then got the dog, Ozzie,
ready to go.  It’s not easy to get a
rowdy German shepherd ready to go for a walk. 
I finally got the choke collar and leash on him and headed towards the
car.  Ozzie was pulling on me as we
trudged through 3” of muddy water and I wondered out loud, “What in the world am I doing? 
This is so crazy!”
the car, Ozzie jumped in while I was yelling at him, “Stay in the back!  Don’t you dare get in the front seat!”

Ozzie whining in my ear and rain pelting down I backed the car out of the
driveway.  I drove to Semiahmoo
Spit.  It’s a three mile walk along the
beach and around the resort.  Maybe while
walking my mind will focus on the beautiful scenery and maybe I just might see
a bald eagle.  I parked the car and got
Ozzie out of the back of the car. 
Thinking to myself about getting the walk over we headed towards the
trail that led to the beach.  The rain
was still coming down and I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I just tell the pastor he was crazy and I was not going for
a walk especially in this yucky weather.”
But no, I do what I am told.  The
leash in my right hand and Ozzie on my left side I began the three mile walk
around the spit and resort.

Ozzie began pulling on me.  I yanked on
the leash and yelled, “Ozzie, stay here
beside me!”
  We walk about five steps
and again Ozzie pulls me.  Again I yank
on the leash and yell.  Walk a few more
steps and yank and yell, walk a few more steps, yank and yell.  Thinking to myself, “This is going to be longest three mile walk I have ever taken.  It will probably take me three hours!”    I walk through the parking lot, dodging mud
puddles oozing with water.  Ozzie keeps
pulling and I keep yanking and yelling. 
We cross the road to get to the trail. 
We go about 25 steps and then do the yank and yell bit a few more times.  The rain is really coming down now.  Wow, there’s the half mile mark.  I begin to think Ozzie has the hang of
things; he can walk but he needs to stay close beside me.  The rain is really picking up and the wind is
really blowing.  It is sure cold out
here.  I am getting soaked.  I say to no one, “Why do I just do what I’m told? 
When will I begin to think and speak for myself?”

we just passed the three quarter’s of a mile mark.  My mind wanders.  I find myself asking God “Why can’t I get out of this depression?  I feel as miserable as this stinking
weather.  Why did I ever agree to go on a
walk?  Why? Why? Why?” 
A one word question, but what a giant
question.  I loosen my grip a little on
the leash and once again Ozzie pulls me hard. 
Yank and yell, Yank and yell. 

there’s the one and a half mile mark. 
Yeah!  Turning around the wind
caught me and I thought “Great Scots! I
am going to be one drenched puppy dog when I get to the car!”
  I start laughing, isn’t that funny, one
drenched puppy dog.  No, we were going to
be one super soaked person and one very wet dog.  Continuing back along the beach towards the
car, the rain is really coming down in sheets and the wind is whipping up.

of a sudden I hear this voice say, “Alice isn’t that what I
need to do with you.  Yank your chain and
tell you to stay beside me.” 
God, here comes your sense of humor once again. 
I remember the pastor mentioning that God has a funny way of bringing
the things we need to deal with to the forefront and sometimes in ways that
astound us.  It could be a book that I am
reading, something someone says or a note in the mail and there is God speaking
and not yelling or yanking my chain. 
Just quietly saying, “Alice, just stay close
beside me.  I won’t let you get
hurt.  I am always with you and will be
there anytime you need me.”

we are at the two mile mark.  Only one
more mile and I can go back home where it’s warm and dry.  Ozzie pulls hard and I think I am going to
fall.  I yank hard on the chain yelling, ”Ozzie, stay here beside me!”  Wait, there’s that voice again.  ”Alice, don’t you think
that is the advice you need to hear too. 
Stay close beside Me.  Stay near
Me, don’t pull away.  Stay near and I
will comfort and guide you.”  “Oh God”
cry from deep within, “Why is my life so
hard?  Why do I fight things?  Why do I hurt so much?  Why can’t I just be?  Why do I worry about things that may never
happen?”  “Oh no”
I think, “There is that just be stuff again.  Just be, just deal with things as they

the rain is coming down hard and the wind is pushing and pulling me in every
direction.  Ozzie and I continue to do
the yank and yell about every 50 steps now. 
Maybe he is getting the hang of things; that he needs to stay close to
me and we will get along just fine.  I
can see the car in the distance.  I am so
glad as I am soaked all the way through. 
My jeans are wet and I am cold.  I
realize that Ozzie has not pulled me for the last few minutes, maybe he is
getting the hang of this, stay close and he doesn’t get yanked or yelled
at.  “Alice,
there’s God calling me again,  “isn’t that what you need to be reminded of
right now.  Stay close and things will be
  I am almost to the car and I
look at Ozzie.  He is walking so nice
next to me.  I am cold and wet and think,
“Sometimes Alice you have to go the long way around the
block.  Remember what God just said, stay
close to Me and He will stay close to me.”

            I turn the car heater on as we
head for home.  Ozzie sits in the back
seat, kind of mellow for a change, not even whining.  It is amazing how calm he is.  We get home and I let Ozzie out of the
car.  I take his choke collar and leash
off and he runs to the door.  He keeps
glancing back, just checking to see if I am coming.  Walking and watching Ozzie I ask myself, “Is that what I do, keep looking back to
make sure God is with me?  That my
friends are still with me?” 
Again I
have to remind myself God is always with me.

inside the house Ozzie looks at me, waiting for his bone.  He sure knows the routine.  Come in from outside, sit by the gate and
wow, a yummy chew bone is tossed his way. 
I think I am a little like that…I know the routine, I know the
plan.  Trust in God, talk to God, tell
Him how I am doing and His warm comforting arms reach down and surround me.

need to call the pastor and tell him, “Yes,
I think the walk did me good.  I feel
better, not even super tired.” 
will laugh, not saying “I told you so” but thinking it.  Then he will say, “You know Alice,
you don’t need me; you need to turn to God. 
That is part of the trusting and resting in God.  He is there for you every step of the way!”
  I respond: “yeah, I know.  I just needed to
go for a walk where I would not be distracted and could hear God talking to
me.  Thanks for encouraging me to get out
and go for that walk.”

            As I sit and drink a nice hot mug
of coffee I find myself thanking God for walking with me today in the wind and
rain.  For ‘yanking my chain’.  Then I realize that God doesn’t yank my chain
or even yell at me.  He is always right
there, always ready and willing to listen. 
I end my thoughts with a small prayer of thanksgiving: thanking the Lord
for walking beside me as I walk through life, the good and the bad times, the
times of joy and sorrow, for blessing me with friends who care about me but
most of all for always being available for me.

6 thoughts on “Walking the Dog, Walking with God”

  1. That's a wonderful story, Ali. You have a very wise pastor friend. Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. I'm so glad to hear that you have been able to overcome most of your problems with depression. What a lesson for all of us!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a note. We live in Michigan. Reading this post . . . oh . . . .we sound so much a like! I do the worrying and fretting so much. You might get a sense of it in one of my last posts for \”In Other Words\”. God is yanking my chain too. THANK YOU for sharing your heart here.Loni

  3. Alice, What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it. Mixed emotions to hear you're going to Texas for a year!! We miss you and Ron up here in Blaine!

  4. What a nice post. I worry about everthing and have been worrying even more lately since my health has kicked up again. I used to walk all the time and it would keep me calm and I have not gone in a long time by myself. I too can walk on the beach and I would take that time to be with God. I have not been spending enough time with Him and your post made me realize that. Thank you and thank you for your help today.

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