Christmas Tree Lot Day 6 & 7 including a birthday celebration!

Hello Everyone…we have had a couple of semi-busy days.

Christmas tree sales ~ we had our biggest day yesterday ~ sold 10 trees!  Today we sold our first wreath.  We now have 93 trees, 2 wreaths and 3 tree stands.  We thought we would get a delivery of trees today for the weekend but that did not happen.  Maybe tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be cold and cloudy but they are not forecasting rain for the weekend which should help us selling trees.  I just don’t think it would be a fun family outing looking for a Christmas tree in the rain.

Ron enjoying the sunshine waiting for customers.

An excited little girl with the tree she picked out for the family.

The view of the lot from TJ Max. Ron hung more lights up to make it look more festive.

Another view of the trees with the additional lights.

Close up of the lights.

Yesterday was my birthday.  The first thing Ron did was wish me a Happy Birthday and then he sang me a song.  He makes me laugh a lot.  We were up early and went out for breakfast.  I had a special treat of Eggs Benedict.  They were pretty tasty.  For my birthday dinner I chose sweet & sour ribs with rice, fresh cauliflower and of course, chocolate cake.  I received many birthday greetings from family and friends.  Ron got me a beautiful blueish/green turtleneck and a box of licorice mix (a great late night snack).  It was definitely a great birthday.

Sweater and licorice from Ron.  Planning on wearing the sweater on Christmas Eve when we go to a Christmas Eve Worship service.  Will be checking local churches to see what they offer and when as we have to work till 5 p.m.

Birthday dinner…doesn’t look too good in this picture but it sure tasted good.

And my toothless fork.  See the two teeth on the side, it broke when I poked it in my ribs.  They were tender so I don’t know why the fork broke, maybe because it is plastic ware and not silverware 🙂

Great looking cake!

And the birthday girl with her cake.  Which was scrumptious by the way.

And Ron playing with the party favors.

Today we had two fun surprises.  First was a visit from our friends Patrick & Patrica.  They own The C Shop (if you click on the title it takes you to their blog/store site) in Birch Bay, WA.  It is a candy & cafe shop.  If you are ever up in Birch Bay in the summer it is a must stop by and check out all the goodies.  One of my favorite dishes to get there is the homemade pizza.  Patrick & Patricia were on their way home from Pittsburgh via Seattle.  We were on their way home from Seattle to Birch Bay.  After visiting for a little while, they took me out for lunch at the Pancake House.  I had a taco salad ~ it was huge and tasted yummy.  We took lots of pictures of each other.

Alice, Patrick & Patricia

Ron & Alice

Doesn’t he look like Santa without the suit?

And here we are again.  I think Patrick was having fun taking our picture.

Patricia, Ron & Patrick  (I need to work on getting the focus right as the picture looks a little blurry).

About an hour later my friend Lynda, from Bellingham, stopped by.  She was on her way to her son, Seth’s place to spend some time with her grandkids while their parents were involved in a play that their church is putting on this holiday season.  Lynda brought me a lovely pair of blue glass earrings.  They look like deep blue raindrops.  And dinner ~ a meatloaf with mashed potatoes from Costco ~ it was pretty tasty and especially delicious because I didn’t have to cook!  We then walked over to Starbucks to have a mocha and Lynda picked up a few things to take with her.  It was fun to visit with her.

Meatloaf with mashed potatoes for dinner.

Dished up on the plate with the cauliflower added.  And of course we had cake for dessert!

We had a few customers today that came and looked.  We sold one wreath and three trees bringing our total to 28 trees sold.  We keep telling ourselves that it is still early in the season.  We are hoping for a busy weekend.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my birthday and seeing our pictures.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Lot Day 6 & 7 including a birthday celebration!”

  1. Ali, How wonderful..what a great day that turned out to be..and by the way..Ron fits in with selling them Christmas trees too… I can hear him saying, \”Ho Ho Ho\”.. God Bless Yas'Zeee

  2. Hi Alice, Just thinking how the photos of your food look good. I woke up thinking about the team that Noah is playing with. Last night they battled Timberline but even though they were up at the half, by the end they lost by about 8. It was a tough game to watch. Our guys were having a hard time making their 3 point shots in the 2nd half. In the first half they had gotten on a roll so it was exciting. Each time we shot, though, they went and answered with the same, a 3 for a 3! That was okay until we started missing. Noah played in the first half but didn't get put in during the 2nd half at all. He has been feeling tired with a cough and cold so maybe coach saw it was too much for him out there. I found some postings on facebook that the guys were talking \”smack\” with and about some of the guys on the other team. I did not know they were like that, and don't understand that part of the crude humor and/or meanness. It was something that 'grieved my spirit'. I've learned to recognize that and understand how they do not know what they do by thinking, typing and/or saying such things. Words do have power, power to heal or hurt. I pray for them. I am awake because of them.

  3. (cont.)Jacob, whose Dad, Philip, has the brain tumor always tries so hard and he had a tough game too. He is short and has a hard time getting a shot off, but he is relentless on defense. It is an interesting combination of guys. I have a team dinner coming up to make for them. Susan (Philip's Wife, Jacob's Mom)says we are welcome to have it over at her house as our apartment here is pretty small. Then tonight in the night (why didn't I think of this before?)..I remembered the 'club house' here at the apartment complex, a nice northwoodsy kind of a lodge style big room! Yes, it would suit fine but now how to tell Susan without seeming ungrateful! Maybe we can do both and have another dinner at the club house but keep on with the plans for the one over at their house. It seems important to her to have the team over since Philip cannot attend games. I want to work together with her and pray that it goes well. I am not always a 'take charge' kind of person and that is troubling me. I would do it more maybe if I saw that someone wanted my help but sometimes I am seeing how competent they are and I sort of let them do it, or seek to be helpful but not the leader. This is especially true with a younger son. I feel again the same need to defer to her as her son is older and she is wanting that position.I know that I had that in past years with Tim and then mostly last year with Jon and his team. It just feels that the more respect your son has, the more respect you have as his Mom. Is that true or just how I feel? Oh, the answer to the question you posed about the wreath? I like the one without the bow best also! The bow is pretty too, but I think the pinecones are more noticable on the one without and I love pinecones. They must smell so beautiful! Fragrant Pine is so wonderful to bring in the house! Will you be setting one up inside your motor home this year or since you have so many out your door, maybe you'll enjoy it that way! Your trees do look especially like nice ones. Around here they are just beginning to set up trees. A neighbor up the road that has a produce stand in her yard in summer, they set up Christmas trees and we get one from her. Last year they got rained on and froze in their packaging and so they had a lot of trees laying in their yard unable to sell! Must have been a terrible loss. They only managed to salvage a certain few and we did get one from them. THinking maybe they would not sell again this year, but then we did see yesterday that they got a shipment and have not unloaded yet. Hope the weather cooperates better this year for their success. Well, need to decide about that menu for the team! If you have any ideas, please share. Hungry teens make me concerned. HOw much is enough?! Susan said she ran out at the last dinner she made for them!Love ya,Roxine

  4. Ahhh what a great picture of you two. And congratulations on the tree sales!!I bet this weekend is going to be so busy!!Have a great weekend. Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. Ali, what an exciting Birthday you had, with visit from friends. I love it when friends stop in and surprise me, and your hubby was tops in his celebration! I have to say, I too have a wonderfully kind man as my partner although he hasn't always bought me a cake, and I am not baking my own. LOL Hey you talk about decorating your Christmas tree lot. Was watching a Christmas movie last night and they had taken and wrapped red ribbon around the polls that ended in a bow tied at the top and white lights that really looked festive.

  6. Well Happy Birthday to you! Looks like there is a lot of love in your life.(In answer to your question about where we are, we are about an hour south of San Francisco, in Los Gatos.)

  7. Happy belated bithday Ali. Sounds like you had a good one with family and friends.You are definitely lucy to have Ron around looking after you so well but he is just as lucky to have you to look after him.Continued success with your Christmas tree sales.Kevin and Ruthwww.travelwithkevinandruth.com

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Ali!!! With of that wonderful looking food, seems like you had a great birthday. Thanks so much for your comment and suggestion, its very much appreciated!

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