Seven Sunday Smiles

Seven Sunday Smiles ~ that is how many times I have smiled and wished someone Merry Christmas today as they left the Christmas tree lot with their new trees.

Thank you for praying for us and our defeated feelings of yesterday.  Today we smiling and so enjoying the day.  We woke to 20 more trees already delivered to our lot.  I think they got here about midnight last night.  I heard a large truck, got up and looked outside and thought I saw one.  Sure enough the truck had been here.  We got 20 trees priced at $21 to $29.  It took us all of one hour to get them tagged, drilled and put out on the grids.  It was all of 9:15 a.m.  We had a rush about 12:30 ~ had three customers in about seven minutes and then quiet again for awhile.  We are so thankful for seven buying customers today.

This evening we got another delivery of 10 more Fraser Firs, 6′ to 7′ tall.  As it was already dark outside we just stacked them up in front of the motor home and will tag, drill and stand them up in the morning.  Have to have something to look forward to.

Had a good talk with Fran (our collector) this evening when she came.  She said the Mountlake Terrace lot gal was super excited that she sold three trees today.  Guess we are not the only ones who are encouraged by a slow day.  Fran said some days will be so busy we won’t remember to eat ~ I laughed, don’t think Ron and I will have a problem with that.  

In between our sales today we watched a couple of Christmas movies and of course, some football.

As this Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close we have been reflecting on God’s many blessings this year.  When things looked bleak, He made the sun to shine through words of encouragement, notes in the mail, a bag of food, a meal shared with others, offers of work or a hug from a friend.  We hope as this Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close for you that you can see how God has blessed you this year.

3 thoughts on “Seven Sunday Smiles”

  1. Congratulations on your seven sales today! As someone else said, it's not even December yet, so you might be a lot more busy by next weekend. I think having some lower priced trees will help your sales. I'm glad that God has been faithful to you, as He is to all of us believers, even when we don't always realize it. Glad you had time to eat today! 😉

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