Friday Frustrations but Still Thankful

Feeling somewhat frustrated today but still able to be thankful too!

The Christmas trees arrived this morning about 9:45.  22 Noble Firs.  We measured them and tagged them and then leaned them against the fence.  Frustration #1 – no drill to drill the holes in the trunk to stand them on the grid.  About 12:30 Fran (the money collector) showed up to see how things were going.  We told her about no drill, no key to unlock the grids (what the trees stand up on).  She made a couple of phone calls.  Said someone would be out to cut the lock off the grids and get us a drill.  About 2:00 Roy and Shawn showed up (in two different trucks).  Roy cut off the lock and kept asking didn’t we have a key ~ we told him on Wednesday, also told Chuck on Wednesday that the key we had been given didn’t work.  Shawn unloaded a drilling machine.  Gave Ron a quick lesson and then both left.  Took us about 2 hours to drill the holes, stand up the trees, cut the twine and arrange the trees.

We then put up Christmas lights across the entrance and down one side of the lot.  Trying to get people to notice us.  Frustration #2 ~ feeling like we have had no training and have been thrown to the wolves (though there aren’t any around).  It is lonely here ~ guess I am so used to being with the carnival crowd and then being busy while we were home in Blaine makes this a little lonely.  Questions abound ~ are there really people out there that will pay $60 + dollars for a Christmas tree?  Looking over the price list we thought we would have a variety of priced trees, some as low as $9 – wonder where those trees are?

But I am encouraged ~ a friend posted a prayer on Facebook that specifically asked the Lord to send us 22 buyers for these trees.  I know the Lord will provide and that He knows what we need to do to be successful selling these Christmas trees.

Was also encouraged getting phone calls and honks as Jim drove by in the bus he drives.  It is comforting to know that someone knows where we are ~ we are not out in lala land.

And we had one customer come and buy a tree!  Thank you Lord for sending that customer to our little tree lot.  Only 21 more to go!

And I am encouraged by the confidence of my husband.  I have been worried about how we are going to get water to fill the tank when it gets empty.  He says we will have water.  One thing we are going to do is ask the guy who comes and cleans the port-a-potty if they also deliver water.  Someone else suggested calling the local fire department and see if we can fill up there from an outside spigot.

Ron and I have talked ~ if we don’t have many sales before Monday we will call Chuck and see how this lot has done in the past.  Maybe it starts out slow and then picks up.  I need to remember we are only one day out after Thanksgiving.

So I am thankful I get encouragement from my hubby and from friends.  Thankful I have a husband and friends and that I am not alone.

Will write more tomorrow and add some more pictures.

Oh, one more thing…a grandma and a little boy walked by.  He saw Ron and told his Grandma that Ron was Grandpa Max (from a cartoon that he watches) and he had to come and say hi.  His name was Nolan, he was about 5.  He was a cutie.  I asked his Grandma if I could give him a candy cane (I had bought some last week at Big Lots to hand out while we are here).  She said sure.  Nolan followed me to the door of the motor home.  He stood outside and when I handed him the candy cane he yelled – it has candy with it!  He was so happy.  He also told me Grandpa Max is a nice guy.  I laughed and told him his name was Grandpa Ron and yes, he is a pretty nice guy.   Thank you Lord for bringing little Nolan to our lot today and that he could make me laugh and I could give him a special treat.  Yes God is good!

2 thoughts on “Friday Frustrations but Still Thankful”

  1. Sorry for your frustrations but we have learned that the training on Christmas lots is usually NONE. Do the best you can with what you know and the rest will work itself out.Our trees are so much more expensive than what you have. We have Noble, Douglas, Grand, Nordman & Silver Tips, from 2' to 12', smaller ones at this lot, the past few years the sizes were up to 22'. They run from $25 to well over $200…California is high in every way!Good luck and we hope your frustrations end soon!

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