Beginning Another New Adventure

Today I am thankful for safety on the road and a patient and resourceful husband.  No matter what obstacles we faced today, Ron greeted each of them with a smile and perseverance.  

Today we started our new adventure of selling Christmas trees.  And what an adventure we had today.  It was only 15′ when we woke up this morning so getting out of bed was a challenge.  It didn’t help that it was only 44′ in the motor home.  I got up and turned the furnace up and crawled back into bed till about 8:30.  It had warmed up inside to 57′ so it wasn’t too bad.  I started to organize a few things and turned on the news.  The roads did not look to inviting as there were lots of accidents, icy roads and lots of snow had fallen in the Seattle/Everett area.  Ron got up about 9:30.  The first thing on the agenda for Ron was to go to the storage unit and get the tie downs for the Jeep/trailer.  Since we did not sell the flat bed we decided to tow the Jeep on the trailer.  Ron went to the storage unit and then promptly had to come back to the motor home.  He had forgotten the keys to the tool box.  After a second trip to the storage unit and his return to the motor home we got everything ready to go and then the motor home would not start.  

We tried to jump it from the house batteries.  Did not work.  Then Ron jumped it from the Jeep.  It took about 5 tries and then the motor home finally started.  Whew…did not want to call Chuck and say we could not make it to Edmonds.  We then drove into Blaine where Ron hooked the trailer up to the motor home.  I went to the Post Office.  We met over behind the library where there was plenty of room for the motor home, the trailer and for the Jeep.  We need about 85′ to get everything all lined up and then get the Jeep on the trailer.
 Ron had no problems getting the trailer hooked up to the motor home or the Jeep on the trailer.  I took about five pictures but for some reason I can not get them to upload to the blog post.  The motor home handled the trailer with the Jeep without any problems.  Though when we arrived in Edmonds Ron noticed one of the tie downs had ripped apart.  We will pick up another tie down strap before heading to Lewiston on the 25th of December.

Ron tying down the Jeep on the trailer.

Our next stop was for gas at AMPM on Grandview Road.  Good thing we put premium gas in the motor home – that was all they had.  Our next stop was then to get propane.  Remember we emptied the one tank yesterday and was using the small portable tank.  It took 21 gallons of propane between the two tanks.  We got ready to leave there and the motor home would not start again.  This time it worked to jump the motor home with the house batteries.  Guess the motor home doesn’t like to run when it is super cold outside.

Then we were off to Haggens in Sehome Village.  Met our friend Jerry to make a trade and then we were finally on the road about 2:30 in the afternoon.  Not bad since we wanted to be on the road by 10:00 a.m.  

This is Mt. Baker from I5 in Ferndale.  The weather was cold but clear today.

Our trip to Edmonds was uneventful till we were going to turn from 220th to Highway 99.  The roads were quite icy down here and so Ron was going pretty steady up the hill.  The turn lane light turned red so Ron kept going straight…there was no way if we stopped on the hill we would get going again.  So around the block and we were back on Highway 99.  We safely arrived at the Aurora Marketplace Safeway at 4:15 p.m.  We got hooked up to the power, unhooked the Jeep and got ourselves settled into our spot.  While Ron was setting up the TV and DirectTV I went into Safeway to introduce myself to the manager.  Thought that would be a good thing to do since we are going to be here for a month.  The manager was quite busy so I gave him one of our business cards and he said we would talk tomorrow sometime. 

I then went back to the motor home to help with setting the satellite dish up.  No go, there is a tree in the way (it is right next to the motor home) so tomorrow Ron will get on top of the motor home and see what he can do about getting us a signal.  I think part of the problem was that Ron was cold and it was now dark.

So we went into Safeway and picked up a few things and then settled into the motor home for the evening. 

Thank you all for praying for our safety today as we traveled.  All the issues we had were ones that could be fixed and were just an inconvenience at most.

Our address for the next month: 23632 Highway 99, Edmonds, WA.  Please do not mail us anything here.  It is just our physical address.  We welcome any visitors that make it down or up this way.  I plan to have coffee and hot chocolate ready for any visitors.

Will write more tomorrow, hopefully having pictures to show what we are doing.

5 responses to “Beginning Another New Adventure”

  1. Whew. You and Ron had quite a day today. But all is well, and that's what counts. Our prayers were answered. Now, on to the challenge of working long hours to sell Christmas trees! Is this cold weather preparing you for Lewiston weather? 😉

  2. Good to see you had a safe trip down, and arrived at your new job site, maybe a couple of days on the trickle charger would help those starting batteries, did,'t it sit awhile being repaired. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. 44' does that mean degrees F?? That's quite..hmm.. chilly to get up in!!

  4. Glad you made it safe to your destination! Stay warm! BTW did you make your own business cards? I was thinking of making one for us. Seems a lot of rv travelers do that. What does your look like?Til next time….bye…

  5. So happy that you and Ron safely made it to your destination. I don't blame the motorhome for not starting right up in those temperatures.Hope the Christmas trees sales go well for you.Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow.Kevin and

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