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Tired Tuesday

Good evening!

Today I am tired.  Didn’t start out that way but sure has ended up that way.  Decided I needed to run some errands in Bellingham today so called a friend to see if she wanted to go.  She did and so we went and went and went.  We did stop long enough to eat lunch at a great little pizza place in downtown Bellingham.  And then we went some more!  We both realized we were exhausted so headed home about 3:30.

Since then I have paid bills, checked emails, ate dinner, tossed some moldy bread (found while making dinner) and just vegged on the couch.  That is what I am thankful for today ~ a wonderful place to lay my head and just veg and not have to worry about anything.  Thank you Lord for a warm, dry, comfy place to rest my weary body.

Update on the motor home ~~ Ron spoke to John at Jerry Chamber’s this morning and we should have it back either late Thursday or Friday of this week.  We love this little (much bigger than the motor home:) condo and are thankful that our friends own it and it was available yet at the same time I am looking forward to getting back into our home.  We have lots to do before we head out to start our job of selling Christmas trees.

Update on job search for 2011 ~~ we sent off the paperwork for a workkamping job in Northern California today.  Please pray with us that if this is the job the Lord has for us that he will continue to open the doors for us.

That’s all for tonight folks.  This tired lady is going to bed.  Talk to you all again tomorrow.

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