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Saturday Summary

Saturday night and all is good! Today I am thankful for my family.  Specifically for Ron, Jamie & Brandon.  

Brandon flew in last night from Lewiston.  His flight finally arrived at 11:04 p.m.  Ron and Brandon arrived here in Birch Bay about 1:30 a.m., yes this morning.  After saying hello we all went to bed.  It had been a long day for all of us.  Brandon had been up early for school conferences at Orofino High School.  I had been up and at ’em ~ spending my day working at the church.  Ron had been busy doing some things here at the condo.  I think I heard he did take a nap ~ lucky guy.  But he did spend over two hours driving to Seattle, 2 hours waiting for Brandon’s delayed flight and then another 2 hours driving back to Birch Bay.

This morning we had a leisurely breakfast and I got started on the laundry and Ron and Brandon ran a few errands, took the tool box out of the back of the truck and putting it in the storage unit (it is a huge heavy metal tool box ~ not sure what Ron is going to do with it now that he doesn’t have a truck to put it in) and getting some things from the storage unit for Brandon to take back to Lewiston and a couple of things for me.

In the afternoon Ron & Brandon watched football.  We watched the Boise game, looked for Max who was at the game with his other Grandpa.  Never saw him, he was kinda hard to see in all his blue ~ blue clothes, blue wig and I think a blue Boise sign ~ since most of all the other fans were also dressed in blue.

In the evening we gathered at Bob’s Burger & Brew for dinner with the Workentin family.  We were 19 altogether.  We were supposed to be 22 but James (Kathy’s son) and his little family had car problems that needed to be addressed.  A good time was had by all.  We were seated near Aunt Joey and Uncle Ike (Ron’s uncle on his dad’s side).  It was fun to hear stories from when he was a child, how George (another uncle of Ron’s) and Pete (Ron’s dad) jumped in and took care of the 6 siblings after their dad (Ron’s grandpa) died at the young age of 34.  What an example of how to take care of family George and Pete were to their younger brothers.  Uncle Ike even said that George and Pete were his heroes.

As we were leaving the restaurant we ran into friends Jay & Viv.  So good to see them if even for only a few minutes. 

Once home Ron and Brandon grabbed their swimsuits and headed over to Beachwood (one of the places we park the motor home when we are here in Whatcom County.  It is a part of K&M Resorts which we belong to) to join Jamie for some hot tub time.  I am so thankful that my husband and our son’s want to spend time together.  They laugh a lot, Ron would say the boys pick on him, I call it just sharing the love :), share about their lives, their goals, what they do as father’s and husband’s ~ they share who they are and enjoy being together.  I am so thankful that they like to be together, do things together and make an effort to be together whenever possible.  It brings joy to this mom’s heart to see the love the boys have for each other and their dad.

Prayer needs ~
~ for traveling mercies for Brandon as he drives back to Lewiston tomorrow
~ for Danalyn as she drives from Boise to Lewiston on Monday.  She has been in Boise, staying at her folks while attending a 3 day class for work.
~ for the insurance adjuster to follow through on what he needs to do ~ to give the go ahead on the necessary repairs for our motor home.  We really need to get back into the motor home so we can get the necessary things done that we need to do before we report for our job of selling Christmas trees (we start on 11/23).
~ and as we continue to look for work for the new year.  We have heard from a couple of campgrounds and are  sending the requested paperwork for further consideration.

That’s all for now.   It’s time for me to head to bed as we have another busy day ahead of us tomorrow – church in the morning and then lunch at Paso Del Norte with friends, Sean and Stacey.  I also need to do another load of laundry ~ you know, the never ending job.

Take care and may you find something to be thankful for today as well. 

5 responses to “Saturday Summary”

  1. You do indeed have something to be thankful for. My own two daughters have been alienated now for almost two years. It distresses me so. I see no solution to the problem except through Prayer. I can only stand back and love them both.Enjoy your special moments, as I am sure you do.

  2. Sounds like a fun week-end, but a busy one. You are blessed with a great family and friends. I am thankful to God for giving me the ability to be here for my brother. I know it is where He wants me to be right now.

  3. You sounds pretty busy as always and I am way behind as always 🙂 Hope your motorhome is ready to go for your Christmas tree gig. Loving families are such a blessing! -Mike97 Roadtrek 170P \”Taj Ma Trek\”HTTP://WWW.VanTramps.Com

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