Wednesday Wanderings … in the mind.

Had a special treat last night.  Got to see Christopher and Max, Brandon & Danalyn through Skype ~ thank you Brandon for getting that hooked up.  It was fun to see each of you.  Can’t wait to Skype again soon.  

Slept well last night.  Woke just before 9:00 feeling rested for the first time in a few days.  I think I am kicking this bug!

The sun is shining again today.  It is a little warm, especially driving in the car.  Ron is up at Norm & Kristy’s helping with something in their basement.  I am hoping he gets home while it is still light outside so we can go for a walk along the beach.

Today I sent off two more emails applying for jobs ~ this time in California.  Some of you may be wondering why we are still looking for work ~ well the job we got selling Christmas trees is only from 11/23 to 12/24 so we need employment beginning in January.  Ron did speak to a guy in Texas about doing security work at an oil field in Texas or Louisiana.  He needs to do something but I am not sure what.  We appreciate your prayers for our job situation.

Today I am thankful for friends.  Ron and I are richly blessed with many friends.  Not just people we know but true friends.  Those people who care about the day to day things that affect us.  Who share their lives with us and ours with them.  Friends who have stuck by us through the tough times and celebrated with us in the good times.  I am also thankful for all my blog friends.  It is fun getting to know each of them and share our life with them.
Speaking of friends ~ we would appreciate continued prayers for our friends Lynda & Jerry.  Lynda’s dad passed away late yesterday afternoon.  I am thankful that Lynda was able to make ti to Alabama to be there with him and the rest of the family.

To answer a few questions ~~~
~ the casino with $2 dinners is the Nooksack Northwood Casino in Lynden, WA
~ yes $2 for a buffet dinner on Tuesday’s
~ yes we will be staying in our motor home on site while selling Christmas trees.  One day next week I need to go to the storage unit to go through our Christmas decorations.  I want to decorate our home for the season.  We have 19 boxes of Christmas decorations to go through.  I am sure we will not use all of them 🙂 – I will take pictures once we are in our site and all decorated.

Update on motor home ~ Ron spoke to John at Jerry Chambers this morning.  They are waiting for final approval to go ahead and do the repairs from the insurance company.  Ron is calling Steve this afternoon to see what the delay is.  We had initially thought we would be back in the motor home by this Friday but that is definitely not going to happen.  Once we get the go ahead from Steve Ron will talk to John and see what the time table is.  We definitely need to be back in soon so we can do what we need to do before heading out to sell Christmas trees.

Guess that’s all for today – take care and have a great day wherever the Lord leads.

7 thoughts on “Things…”

  1. Repairs usually seem to take longer than expected. Thanks for answering reader questions. $2 for a casino buffet–what a deal! Here's another question for you–are you going to be able to remain in the condo until you get your motorhome back? At least it won't be a long trip to get to the job. It's always good to read your blog, Ali!

  2. Good luck with the job search I hope you are able to find something that will suit your needs and give you time with each other. Your summer job didn't give you much time together.Hope things work out well with the motorhome and that you can be back in it soon.Kevin and Ruthwww.travelwithkevinandruth.com

  3. Hiya Ali. I'm still getting caught up on my blog reading. Nice to have a partner in the job hunting world. I think of you most every day. You and the hubster are always in my prayers.

  4. Hope all works out for you on the job front. You have my prayers.Thanks for your comment on Chelsi's yearbook.I got the bounty picture on line. Not sure which site. I usually just google free background pictures, and check out whatever comes up and save the ones I like to my pictures.The chili I make now is from a mix. I get the little envelopes of Durkees or whatever I can find. I use to make big batches of it at home, but find we tire of it too easily, so this way we just have enough for a couple of meals. I add a little extra water since we like it with a little less of the tomato taste.Again, thanks for your comment.

  5. Hubby had given me a web came last year for Christmas. I never set it up. Then in APril I got new computer with built in webcam. We gave my webcam to daughter. I've been after her to set it up so we can Skype granddaughters. Is it very difficult?

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