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Saturday Stuff and Catch Up Time!

GGood morning Friends!

What a beautiful day here in the Pacific NW.  Woke up to sunshine and super blue skies.  A great day to attend a football game ~ we are going to Lummi High School this afternoon to see our friends, Norm & Kristy Smith and their family. Their son, Zeke is playing in his first playoff game of the season ~ Good Luck Zeke!

Motor home update ~ the fire was caused by the same thing that happened last year.  An oil hose burst and dropped oil on the manifold catching the engine on fire.  Fortunately is not nearly as bad as last year.  It should only be about $3000 to fix the motor home (this time they are putting in a metal hose instead of rubber) and we should get it back next Friday if all goes well.  

Where we are ~ we are staying in Birch Bay at our friend’s Jim & Mei’s condo.  We are in the upstairs unit that has a tremendous view of the bay.  We are so grateful for dear friends + a great insurance agent.

View from the condo!  We just love this area and can’t wait to get in some walks while we are here.

 How long we will be here in the Blaine/Birch Bay area ~ we will be in the area till the 21st or 22nd of November.  If you want to get together give us a shout via phone or email.  We would love to see as many friends and family as possible while here.

Meeting new friends ~ Thursday afternoon we were able to get together with John & Judy who are from Michigan and live and travel in their motor home. 

Sorry the picture is so dark…not sure how to lighten it up.
Thanks FroggiDonna for lightening us up.  Can’t wait to try that other program out.

 We met through reading each other’s blogs.  When we found out they were in Anacortes and we were going to be back in Whatcom County we made plans to meet for lunch at Applebees.  As we were pulling into the parking lot Ron asked me “how would we know them.”  I laughed and said I didn’t know.  I had forgotten to check their blog to refresh my mind what they looked like.  Ron then asked, “where are they from?”  “I don’t know” was my reply while laughing some more.  He asked were they from South Dakota?  “I don’t know,.”  So we pulled into the parking spot and as we got out this guy in the Explorer next to us got out and said “Hi Ron” – it was John and Judy!  We had a lot of fun getting to know them, sharing about our families, our love for the Lord.  It’s funny how we had never met but we just started talking like we had seen each other just yesterday.  The wonders of blog writing/posting lets us know each other so we are able to renew our friendships from right where we are.  Safe travels John & Judy and hope to see you again down the road.

Renewing old friendships ~ in the evening we were able to visit with Jim & Mary (boy do we know a lot of Jim’s).  We laughed and shared about our time with the carnival, some thoughts about plans for the future, lots of stories of our time with the grandson’s and eating apple crisp and drinking some tea.  Sorry we stayed so late Mary & Jim…hope it wasn’t too hard getting up early Friday morning.  Looking forward to seeing you both again real soon.

Friday we  got the instrument panel fixed in the truck.  It had gone out right before we left last March to go join the carnival.  But since it was in storage for the summer we saw no need to get it fixed till now.  We sold our truck to Brandon & Danalyn so thought it should be fixed before they take possession of it.  We were pleasantly surprised when it was only $330 to get it fixed and not the $525 we had been quoted.  Brandon will be flying up here this coming Friday and staying till Sunday morning.  It will be fun to have him visit for a couple of days.

Prayer & Praise ~

~ for my friend Lynda and her family.  Her dad was just recently diagnosed with cancer and Lynda is flying to Alabama to be with him and other members of the family.  Please pray for safety as Lynda travels and for her dad to not be in much pain.

~ we are excited to have a job to go to in a few weeks.  We will be selling Christmas trees for Noel’s Christmas trees somewhere between Federal Way and Everett, WA.  Thank you Lord for employment, doing something that Ron wanted to try.

~ as we seek employment for next Spring/Summer.  We have not yet decided if we are going back to the carnival next year.  We are trusting the Lord to give us clear direction where he wants us to be.

Guess that’s all for now.  The laundry is calling my name and we need to get ready to go to some football.

Will write more in the next day or two.

6 responses to “Saturday Stuff and Catch Up Time!”

  1. Ali, I can't find your email address. I lightened the photo for you and can mail it to you. froggi.donna at gmail.comI use IrfanView…it's free and I've used it for over 15 years. It has an auto adjust colors that usually does the trick.

  2. I just read one of your previous posts on Clarkston. I love that place and I've been thinking lately that it'll be my first stop after I take off in Spring 2011. One of their RV parks is right next to the Snake River. I worked in Clarkston for three months and lived in Lewiston and got to drive the Blue Bridge every day. Currently, I live east of Seattle in Bellevue.

  3. We have met so many nice people that I have met online. What a treat each time.I do pray all mechanical issues are over with both your vehicles and it is a smooth highway from now on.

  4. That's a bummer about your motorhome. May you have a speedy repair! Thanks Ali for your comments at A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings! Appreciate it!

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