Crescent Bar to Leavenworth ~ 10/26/10

We left Crescent Bar about 10:30 on Tuesday morning.  We had about 75 miles to go to reach Leavenworth.
We had a pretty uneventful trip.  Hope you enjoy our scenic drive.
We stopped at Smallwood’s Fruitstand and walked around there grounds.  This is the cow train and scarecrow keeping watch over the cow cars.

How about an upside down scarecrow?

What about these two horse tire swings.  Wish the grands had been with us ~ we are sure they would have had fun!

One of their chickens.

The winery up behind the fruitstand.

Ron checking out the maze.

Isn’t he the handsome one?  Love how his beard is growing back.  He will definitely be Santa material by December.

The Egg Factory

I really wanted a picture of the pig but Ron said I had to be in there too!

Ron checking out the tractor. 

“Don’t I look cute?  I want one, no I need one!”

A chicken but not sure what type.

Aren’t these the handsome ones?

Chickens doing their job.  Look at all the boxes for laying eggs.

A pumpkin shooter.  Bet they go far!

Ron getting ready to try his hand at lasooing.
Here is Ron doing his cowboy thing!
This is for Christopher!

White pumpkins, orange pumpkins and the ghosts watching over them.

Some more scarecrows on duty.

This is who greets you when you first arrive at Smallwoods.

Pretty good use of old pieces of machinery.

Heading into the fruitstand itself.

Thought these were interesting ~ don’t know if they are edible or not.

Gateway to the petting zoo.  We did not go inside, cost $1 and thought we have seen baby animals before.  Now if the grands were with us that would have been another story.

Giant sunflowers minus the seeds.

This guy tells a story, but alas I could not get the video to transfer over.
This is a Turban Squash.  The guy there said they are edible so we bought one.  Now to find a recipe and cook the darn thing.
A neat looking farm on the way to the campground.

An old barn.

Ron checking in at the ranger station at Leavenworth TT.

Getting directions to where the best site was to set up the satellite dish.  We parked where he told us and we had TV in less than 10 minutes!

The view out the side door of the motor home.

The only other people camping in the park and they are right out our front window.

The view to the left of us.

The sign to Mt. Springs Lodge

One of the many lodges at Mt. Spring.

Look who’s greeting you when you go in the door.

Saw this sign on the way into Leavenworth.  Almost stopped to see if she was a nice Granny or not.  But Ron said no.

Mural at entrance to Icicle Inn

Ron enjoying a mug of brew at Icicle Inn.  We stopped there for appetizers.

The murals in the dining room/lounge.


Us again…we keep trying to get a good shot of us together.  Next time I guess we had better ask the waitress/waiter to help us out.

Appetizers: cheese and crackers with a brew for Ron and a glass of Reisling for Alice.

Mural in the dining room/lounge.

Close up of murals.

Heading into the town square.

Raspberry turnover = scrumptious.  Pretzel = not so good.
Hope you enjoyed traveling with us today.  We had a good time but are starting to get anxious about being home in Whatcom County.

See you all again soon.

8 thoughts on “Crescent Bar to Leavenworth ~ 10/26/10”

  1. That interesting (was going to say \”funny\”) looking bird is a guinea hen (I am pretty sure). You said you didn't know what it was and suddenly it came to me so I just HAD to share this with you! LOL Leavenworth looks like a fun place. If you like a German town, and if you are ever in southern part of Michigan, be sure to check out Frankenmuth! There is so much to see and the food is very authentic German cuisine. I like that you went for appetizers! That way you don't have to order a whole dinner. Kurtis and I have started always remembering to order one dinner and an extra salad if we do go out to a nice restaurant. That way we don't get TOO much food and the cost is more affordable. We may even split one desert too and then we still save. Guess we can get the discounts now on the senior menu at most restaurants like Sheri's and Perkins. Haven't been to one of them in quite awhile. We've been eating quite a lot just from our garden and at least 'stretching' the store bought pasta sauces with homegrown tomatoes. Glad to see you getting the produce stand veggies and fruits and keeping up your health! Love to read your blogs, Alice. You write in a humourous and kind way and it always makes it fun and interesting to read what you both are up to! Hope you keep writing! It is great to hear from you. Roxine

  2. Looks like a great place to stop, lots to see and do, You guys are like us, i always think of all the things my Grandson would like when he isn't with us. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. No, those gourds are not edible but that pretzel and turnover sure is!My older daughter grows gourds to make birdhouses and also baskets. She cuts off top of gourd and adds a weaving of pine needles. She acutally colors the gourd a lovely brown using shoe polish.Looks like a lovely fall outing.

  4. Great photos….love the ones of you trying to take a good pic of yourselves. Stu and I struggle with that as well. Amazing how our kids and especially our grandkids do it so naturally…lots of practice, I guess. LOL!

  5. Those pictures of the two of you turned out great–nothing wrong with them and it shows your personality!Your pictures and captions told the story today. It sounds like it was a fun day.

  6. Great pictures and those are Guinea fowl. We used them at home to eat potato bugs and ticks out of the yard. great post, loved all the pictures. thanks for sharing.

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