Clarkston to Crescent Bar ~ 10/25/10

  We drove from Clarkston, WA to Crescent Bar, WA on Monday, October 25th.  It was a beautiful drive even though it was overcast most of the day.  We did hit a little rain but not enough to cause any problems.  Sure hope you enjoy traveling along with us.         
The welcome star for Starbuck.  Ron kept saying that this is where Starbuck’s began BUT I kept telling him no, I don’t think so.  There were no stores of any kind in this little town that were open.  It was pretty dilapidated.


Some donkeys along the road.

Ron wanted to go to Palouse Falls State Park.  So we did.  It was the first time we ever took the motor home four wheeling ~ down a gravel/dirt road.  Which really was a muddy mess but we made it.
This is the suburban after driving into the park.  Boy is it dirty!

And look at the mud on the side of the motor home.  Guess Ron has a big job to do when we get back to Blaine.

Ron reading about the history of the Falls.

Aren’t they beautiful?  There was a sign that said “Do not throw stuff over fence.  People below.”  Ron kept asking how do we get down there.  We could see no trails.  I told him they must come up from the river.
Looking down the river from the Falls.

These rocks look sort of like a castle off in the distance.  They are across the river, near the Falls.

Another picture of the Falls, definitely a beautiful place made by God. 

Learning to use the panoramic view of the camera.  There was only one walking trail but this picture makes it look like there are two. 
See the mud on the step…yuck!

Following Ron along the muddy road out of the Falls.
Tried to show how the mud was flying as Ron was driving the motor home.  Can’t really believe we took the motor home down that road BUT we did.

Back on good ole pavement.
A beautiful grove of trees changing colors.
An orchard we were coming up to.  We passed many orchards along our drive today.

Just love the scenery.

And one of many cornfields we passed.  Sorry the picture is kinda cloudy…think it has something to do with the mud on my window.
Some murals painted on an old gas station.

Looking over Crescent Bar heading down the windy road to the campground.

We had a good day for driving and no problems with the motor home or suburban.  Two more days and we will be back in Blaine.  Hope you enjoyed traveling along with us from Clarkston to Crescent Bar.

3 responses to “Clarkston to Crescent Bar ~ 10/25/10”

  1. I enjoyed the tour of your trip to Crescent Bar. We haven't been to Palouse Falls. It looks very scenic. Like the others, we also enjoy the town of Leavenworth and have stayed at the state park in Wenatchee several times. Safe travels back to Blaine!

  2. What a beautiful park, The waterfalls are gorgeous.

  3. So I am thinking, there was no way to get that motorhome and car under the waterfall????Just a suggestion!

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