Sightseeing with Ron

While here in Clarkston, WA and Lewiston, ID Ron and I have taken a few day trips around the area.  Hope you enjoy traveling along with us.
We were following the road from Clarkston to Wilma and this is the first sign we came to.  We aren’t a truck so we kept going.
And then we saw this sign.  The weather was nice so we thought we would proceed.

And then it turned into a gravel road.  We followed it a little…came to a house and the end of the road.

Turned around and continued on our journey.  This is one of many farms along the way.

We both love old barns.  This one is in pretty good shape.

Another pretty homestead.

And another one.  Hope you don’t get bored looking at them as we travel along.

Can’t remember the name of the town but the town hall sure looked quaint.

A cool store front.

On our way home from Pullman, passing an old high school.

Another barn…we thought of stopping and taking a close up pictures but Ron said we didn’t know them so we couldn’t stop.  I think it might be kinda cool to stop at someone’s cool home/farm, introduce ourselves and take a few more pictures.  Ron says no…what do you think?

Heading into Leweiston.

Another view heading into Lewiston.

A rose garden along the way.

This was on our way to Asotin (when the camera died).  Look at that tree house.  The place was for sale so thought maybe Brandon and Danalyn could buy the house and we could live in the tree house.  Probably isn’t much smaller than the motor home.  May have to go back and check it out further.
On to Orofino where Brandon is teaching High School English.

Close up of the sign above.,  All good characteristics for students to learn.

Orofino High School Mascot is the Maniac’s…love that picture.

This sign is in front of the gym.

Methodist church in Orofino.

Overlooking Orofino.  The Idaho Correctional Institution is right next door to the high school.    The school is to the right of the prison.  The Clearwater River is in the middle/top of the picture.  What a beautiful view.

Playing with the panoramic shot with the camera.

Another view over looking Orofino.  And that was our trip to Orofino.  Hope you enjoyed traveling along with us.

2 thoughts on “Sightseeing with Ron”

  1. Hi Alice. Thank you for your review of Hell's Canyon RV Resort. It looks like a lovely park in a good location. I think it has been built since we visited Clarkston. We stayed at Granite Lake Resort (now Premier Resorts). It had a good location, too, but no swimming pool.

  2. Enjoyed the pics Ali! You know, I don't know what to think of asking someone if you can take pics of their place. Some areas of the country are more friendly that way and wouldn't think twice of allowing you. I know my Dad would probably be fine with it, but I bet there are some folks out there who would expect there was more to it than just taking pics(casing the place, or other), seems silly, but there are respectable looking folks who do such things. One things for certain, never know until you try. Hopefully the worst they would do is say no 🙂 -Mike97 Roadtrek 170P \”Taj Ma Trek\”HTTP://WWW.VanTramps.Com

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