Hells Canyon RV Resort, Clarkston, WA

 While we are visiting Brandon and his family we are staying at Hells Canyon RV Resort & Marina in Clarkston, WA.  It is about 5 minutes from their house.  We chose this park because it is by the river and it has an indoor pool.  Thought it was best to have something to do with the boys when they are staying with us.  Hope you enjoy this tour of the park.
This is the view from our living room window at Hells Canyon RV Resort.  Thinking of making this my wallpaper on my computer.

Metal sculptures of Lewis & Clark along the trail.
Looking towards the marina.

Isn’t he a beauty?

Another view of the marina and the mountain side.  While we were in the hot tub one evening we met a man who lives on his 37′ boat at the marina.  He is a geologist working in the area.  He does not own a car but rides his bike wherever he goes.

The ducks swimming in the area.

The fish on this end is hooped to the pole at the end of canoe.  Couldn’t figure out how to get the whole thing into one picture…got to keep playing with the camera.

Close up of the canoe.

Close up of the fish (there is a garbage can hidden inside the mouth).

More ducks.

An oil skimmer that is at the end of the resort.  Wonder if they have ever used it?

Close up of the skimmer.

The bridge just to the north of the RV park.  Once you cross the river you either turn right to Lewiston or left to Wilma.  Wilma did not have anything there that I could see.

Another view along the boardwalk of the RV park/marina.

And our home parked in spot 44 on Mermaid Drive.

Saw this sign while we were out walking one day.  Liked the mix of wire, metal and bricks.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of our home base till October 25th.

6 thoughts on “Hells Canyon RV Resort, Clarkston, WA”

  1. Oh, and if you visit my forum and notice it doesn't look right, I messed something up when upgrading the software.. and ended up having to replace the whole thing with another software:( But the new one is quite nice. You'll have to rejoin. Sorry for the inconvenience:(

  2. Ali, sorry that my comment about the RV resort went to the wrong post. You're writing so much that I can't keep it straight. Just kidding, I enjoy all your posts!Go Maniacs!

  3. I am with Pidge, love that fish trash can! All the pics are great though! Thanks for posting them! Keep having lots of fun!-Mike97 Roadtrek 170P \”Taj Ma Trek\”HTTP://WWW.VanTramps.Com

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