Wandering Workentins Update

Thought I would take a few minutes and do some updates on the Wandering Workentins ~ that’s us!

We are currently in Clarkston, WA just across the river from Lewiston, ID where Brandon, Danalyn, Max & Christopher live.  We have been here over a week and are enjoying ourselves!
We decided to keep Christopher and Max last Friday night to give Mommy & Daddy an evening and morning off.  First up, Daddy, Mommy, Max and Granpda went to the Orofino HS football game (they lost) so Grammy and Christopher stayed home. Grammy and Christopher watched Mickey and the Choo Choo train TWICE! danced the Hot Dog Dance and just had a great time. We had been warned that Christopher would probably not let us get much sleep on Friday night as he was sleeping with Grammy & Grandpa and Christopher moves a lot!  Well this Grammy is happy to say that Christopher went to bed without a problem and slept all night right between us.  He did wake up at 7:30 a.m. but Grandpa convinced him to lay back down.  Don’t know if he went back to sleep but Grammy & Grandpa slept till 9:00 a.m.!!!  Thank you Christopher for letting us sleep in.  We heard Mommy & Daddy went to breakfast at Hazel’s and had a nice time without all of us.   

In the afternoon Danalyn and I went for a pedicure ~ it was a fun girly time for the two of us.  Danalyn got red toe nails and I got purple.  What a special treat for us girls.  In the evening I made chicken stir-fry with rice for dinner.
Sunday we went to church as a family at Orchard Community Church in Lewiston.  This is where Brandon & Danalyn go.  It is a nice church and well attended.  Once again, Ron and I are thankful that we are able to be in a corporate worship service once again.

We decided to take the boys back to the motor home with us so Brandon & Danalyn could do their grocery shopping.  As the previous blog stated we went to McDonald’s for lunch and then back to the motor home.  We had a fun time swimming and being able to play with the grandson’s.

Monday morning we were up early as we were expecting the DirectTV guy.  Hmmm…he didn’t show up so I made some phone calls.  After speaking to six people and two phone calls later he is now expected on Thursday morning.  Sure hope he shows up and gets the satellite hooked up and working.  It is frustrating paying for something when we can’t use it.

Tuesday we spent time in Clarkston doing some sightseeing and walking through town.  We found a cute little candy & gift shop.  Doesn’t compare to The C Shop but did have some delightful things to look at and we got some licorice (one of my favorites).  Also picked up a little something for Patrick & Patricia.  Found the vehicle licensing place ~ we need to go there tomorrow on our way to Lewiston to get the tabs for the motor home.

Today we drove to Pullman, WA.  We drove the long way there instead of directly on Highway 95 (pictures to follow later).  It was a beautiful day to do a drive with the sun shining.  The Snake River was beautiful and there was no traffic on the roads.  Our first stop was Moscow, ID where we walked around and found a quaint little winery ~ Camas Prairie Winery

We bought some Hog Heaven wine along with a bottle of Huckleberry Mead and Raspberry Mead.  All are now safely tucked away for an evening down the road.  After completing our stop at the winery we made our way to Pullman, WA.  We found the WSU Cougars shop where we got a hat pin for our collection.  It’s a nice pin but not sure really worth $7.49 ~ most of our collectible pins cost around $3.50  but now we have it so that is that.

We then found another little gift shop that we wandered around for about an hour in.  I commented to Ron after we left that seeing all the holiday and Fall decorations tempts me to want to be back in a house ~ don’t know if that will happen any time soon, but it is a thought.

Then it was time to pick up Ben Gibson.  He is going to school at WSU for an engineering degree.  We made our way to Palouse Falls Brewing Company.  Ron and Ben sampled five beers and we got caught up with each other.  It was exciting to hear how the Lord opened the doors for Ben to attend WSU.  After our stop at the brewery we went to The South Fork Public House restaurant.  We had a good time sharing a meal together and just visiting.  It was a good time with a friend from home.  Thanks Ben for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us old folks.  We love you and wish you well as you finish your studies.

On our way back to the motor home we stopped to see Brandon, Danalyn, Max and Christopher and to confirm that we are meeting Max after school tomorrow.  Ron will be taking him to his soccer practice after school.  After visiting for a little while we made our way to the motor home where we have been watching television and checking out blogs, emails and finding other things to do while in this area.  We are keeping the boys this weekend and are looking for some things to do with them.

Praise & Prayer requests ~~

~ praise for the gift of time to spend with Brandon and his family.
~ praise for continued good health for both of us
~ please pray for Barb ~ she is having surgery on Thursday for ovarian cancer.  Barb is the mother of our friend Claudia
~ please pray for Lynda as she awaits news about health issues regarding her dad
~ please pray for us as we continue to look for employment whether it be back in Whatcom County or somewhere else the Lord leads

That’s all for now…will write more later.  Now to just figure out how to upload videos now that I am using Windows 7.

3 thoughts on “Wandering Workentins Update”

  1. Just great to have family around, you are really getting some quality time with the Grandkids, good, you guys deserve it. Just let spoiling them get you going. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Hi Ali! In answering your question about the fair we had.Almost everyone here in South Texas has their fairs in Sept and October..with the Livestock show In Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and Austin..those are in Jan-April..and girl those are huge!!I can't do it today..but I will try tomorrow to get info on the fair owners for you from our fair.Hugs to you and can't wait to see your pictures of your day trip.Hugs Cindy and Walker

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