Swimming with Max & Christopher ~ October 10, 2011

After attending church with Brandon and the family we decided to bring the boys back with us to the motor home.  Our first stop was McDonald’s for lunch.  Not my favorite place to eat but knew the boys would like it.  Once back in the motor home Grammy and Christopher took a much needed nap.  Grandpa and Max went to the pool.  

Christopher and I slept for almost two hours.  I was woke up with little drool kisses all over my face and a little voice saying “Grammy, go swimming.”  So that is what we did.  Here is a peek of our time at the pool.

Christopher getting ready to venture into the pool with brother Max.
Grammy helping Christopher into the pool.


Christopher enjoying himself.
Christopher getting ready to jump him ~ he wants to do it but is not sure he really wants to do it.


Christopher enjoying the water.
Christopher enjoying the water.
Grammy and Christopher having a good time.


Christopher swimming to Grammy.

Christopher jumping in the water.

Max & Christopher having fun.


Grammy watching Max & Christopher


Max & Christopher having fun swimming.

Christopher walking (very hard for him to do, he likes to run) to where Max is at.

Christopher found Max.

Max getting ready to do a cannon ball into the pool.
Max getting ready to jump in!

Grammy watching the boys.
Max getting ready to jump.

Isn’t that great form?
Here he goes (just to let you know it took this Grammy about 20 tries to get this shot.  Thanks Max for being such a good sport and jumping over and over and over some more).

What a splash!

Swimming under water.


Climbing the stairs

Whew!  Grammy finally caught me each step of the way doing a cannon ball into the pool.

Grandpa and Christopher enjoying the water.

Christopher, Max & Grandpa

Do you know how hard it is to get all three of them to look at Grammy?

Yeah ~ this is as good as it will get!

Grandpa thinking about getting out of the pool…think his fingers look like prunes.

Christopher trying on Max’s goggles.

I think this is a video ~ click on it and see if it is – not sure how to check it while making the post on my blog.


Another video?

Max giving Christopher a piggy-back ride.

Two brothers having a grand time.

Brothers playing well together.

And more fun together.

Grandpa and Christopher playing with Max trying to sneak up on them.

And that is our time at the pool.  Hope you enjoying coming along for a wet and fun time.

2 responses to “Swimming with Max & Christopher ~ October 10, 2011”

  1. Thanks Alice for taking the time and making the effort to get such great photos and putting them online. I love seeing Brandon's sons and both of you having such a fun time! A well-earned vacation from work! How great for the boys to have fun Grandparents who like doing things together with them and get photos for them to enjoy later and share. I love that you say about \”enjoying the water\”. For some reason, I have never thought of it that way. It is true, however, and that is what is special about swimming. It is an activity but it is also about 'enjoying' the different sensory environment and being surrounded by water is so relaxing and invigorating at the same time! We had a great trip coming back from Tim's graduation from Foothill at a nice motel outside of Reno, a brand new pool and no one in it except for Ethan, Tim, Kurtis and me. I was in a colorful inner tube and able to get around with Ethan in his floaty suit. Such a great time that none of us, including me, wanted to get out, but indeed we all had prune fingers! HAHA I'm catching up with your posts and pics. Lovin it! ROXINE

  2. Love the picture of the three \”boys\”!

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