Our Day in Pasco

Our day in Pasco was wonderful. We planned on sleeping in but woke up about 8:00 a.m. It must have been enough sleep because we both felt rested and ready for a new day. We busied ourselves around the motor home till about 9:00 when we decided to go for a walk around the campground. There are five roads running throughout the park and we walked all of them. The skies were clear and blue and the sun was shining. It was fun to walk because we wanted to, not because we had to get somewhere and get there quick. One of the commitments we have made to each other is to continue walking each day. We hope to do at least 30 minutes a day. After our walk we went back to the motor home and did a little more straightening up and made our phone calls to Employment Security. This is our waiting week plus they have to get our information from Oregon to see how much we will get. For Ron, because he was self employed prior to March 24th they have to go forward a quarter to make him qualify. Sure hope it doesn’t take long to do that. They may have to do the same for me…it will depend on if I have enough hours from Blaine School District, The C Shop and Northwood along with my hours with Funtastic. We will hear in the next week or so if we qualify and what are benefits will be. Please keep this situation in your prayers as being able to draw unemployment will help us till we know where we go from here.

After breakfast it was time to go to Gayle’s for the afternoon. It was so good to see her along with her daughter’s Brandy and Lindsey. We also got to meet Lily who is three weeks old and see her big brother Jaxon again. We had not seen him since summer of 2009. It was fun to see everybody, playing with Jaxon and getting lots of baby holding in. Thanks Gayle for sharing your Grands with us!

Grandma Gayle with Lily and Jaxon

Gayle, Brandy and Lily. Gayle has done a great job raising her girls. Brandy is a delightful young woman who smiles from the inside out. She is following in her Momma’s footsteps raising two beautiful little ones!

Jaxon and me….he is such a cuddler and happy little boy. He is four months older than Christopher and just made me miss Christopher even more. But alas, we will see Christopher tomorrow.

Lyndsey and Maxwell. Lydnsey is a bubbly gal and we enjoy visiting with her.

Here is Jackson outside…Ron was sweet and went outside for a little while keeping Jaxon entertained so us girls could visit. Thanks Ron for being a great cousin to little Jaxon.

Here is a view out Gayle’s backyard. Last time we were there it was a giant field. Now it is being readied for a new housing development.

Gayle’s raised bed garden.

Jaxon in the swing. We just love his curly hair.

Brandy greeting Jaxon as he comes in the back door.

Another view out Gayle’s back yard.

Another picture of Jaxon. He is a bundle of energy and joy. He welcomed us with lots of hugs and kisses.

Here is a picture Ron took of Jaxon that he turned into a drawing with our camera. We are still learning how to use the darn thing. Maybe now we will have time to read the manual (which we have to read online ~ they don’t even give you books any more).

We left Gayle’s about 3:00 and then made a stop at the grocery store. We only needed a few things and then returned to the motor home. We both took a nap in the afternoon ~ what a nice way to spend part of our day ~ just relaxing! In the evening Ron took one of the walkie-talkie’s and went on another walk. I took advantage of the time and wrote a few blogs (this is the third and last one for the day).

After dinner I finished writing on my blog and Ron watched television ~ another thing he has not had a chance to do since the fair in Eugene.

Tomorrow we are off to Lewiston. Spoke to Max tonight. He is excited to know we are finally going to make it to his place. Found out he has Thursday and Friday off so we will take him to the motor home Wednesday night and then pick up Christopher on Friday night and have them both through the weekend. Saturday Danalyn and I have a girls date ~ we are going to get a pedicure and have some mother/daughter time! So looking forward to being there with all them and just enjoying their little family.

Prayer Requests ~

~ for a safe journey tomorrow to Lewiston
~ for our unemployment benefits to go through quickly and without any problems
~ for great rest and relaxation while we are in Lewiston while at the same time being with Brandon, Dananlyn, Max and Christopher ~ help us keep a balance and not get too exhausted
~ for decisions about future work

That’s all for now! Will write more later tomorrow night ~ as I want to share about our time with the carnival and the friends we made along the way.

1 thought on “Our Day in Pasco”

  1. Great to see you are enjoying family and getting some rest time, you guys worked hard for it. I will be leaving in the morning for PA to take care of my sister, Say a pray for her successful surgery.A month of nursing, boy never thought this Old policeman would be a nurse in retirement. Be safe out there have fun with the Grands. Sam & Donna.

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