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Our Week in Graham

Good morning on this beautiful sunny morning.

First off, thanks for all your prayers for us this past week and your words of encouragement and comments. All were so appreciated.

Got woke up to a text message at 5:23 this morning. Don’t know what’s with my cell phone service. Kollin sent the message at 10:30 p.m. last night. Couldn’t go back to sleep so finally got out of bed at 6:30. Watched the news and got caught up on emails and Facebook. Thought I would let you know how our week went in Graham.

The weather was nice though it got quite hot a couple of days especially in the ticket box. The fair ran Thursday to Sunday. The carnival didn’t open till noon each day so we were able to walk around each morning and check out the fair as the fair itself opened at 10:00 a.m. each day.

Found some cute things for the grands and also a new slim purse for me and a wallet for Ron. They are both leather. The gal who owns that booth is retiring this year so she had lowered her prices which was nice.

Wednesday we talked to Jamie and Brandon as well as Max. It was great to connect with them. Max was excited because they were flying home on Thursday from Hell, Michigan, where they had been for two weeks, and then Friday morning his PawPaw was picking him up in Lewiston and taking him to Boise for two weeks. Dan & Lynda (Danalyn’s folks) have a pool and Max loves to swim. Plus he will be able to see his cousins during his stay. Brandon starts work today at his new school in Orofino. He will be teaching English this year as well as Head Coach for the Boys Basketball team. I think he is more excited about the basketball then the new teaching position 🙂 Jamie says all is well on the home front with him, Suzanne and Opal. They are hoping to get her enrolled in a Special Needs pre-school in Bellingham. They should hear soon if she gets to attend there this year.

Saturday was not a pleasant day at work. I had computer problems from the get go. It would not connect to the server and once it did it would kick me off at random times. At one point Ron said I could not go on another break as every time I tried to log on after my breaks the computer would not work. At one point, I called Theresa and told her I quit and was crying…my computer did not like me. The funny thing is that on Sunday I had absolutely no problems. Who knows what was going on on Saturday.

Sunday & Monday was a better day than what we had anticipated. Work went well, tear down was done at 2:45 a.m. and we were on the road by 3:30 a.m. Ron drove to Tenino and then I drove to Vancouver where Ron took back over. He drove through Portland and boy was I glad…at 6:30 in the morning traffic was already a little crazy. I took over just south of Portland and drove the rest of the way to Eugene. I even exited off the freeway, drove to KMart in Salem and then got back on the freeway and continued on to Eugene. I had one small mishap. I had put the wrong address in Maggie (our GPS) and ended up on the wrong side of the fairgrounds. Plus I had one small bump in the road ~ I knocked over a garbage can. After I turned the corner and came upon a small round-a-bout Ron said he would drive the rest of the way to the fairgrounds. Geez…one little booboo and he takes over.

We got settled in Eugene. In the early evening, Albert needed to go to the store so we bummed along and they dropped me off at the laundromat to do the weekly laundry. Only took an hour to do two loads. Back to the bone yard and a raucous evening ~ and at our place no less. We had the awning out and people just gathered in the shade. At one point we were twelve people. We shared stories and heard stories about times past here in Eugene. The one downside to Monday was that Kenny did not get here till after 10:30 p.m. and so we had to use our generator to run the fridge and even the AC has it got to almost 95′ in the motor home. We are now on city power and all is well in the rig.

Well I just noticed the time and I need to be at work at 9:00 so had better get off here and get ready. Sure hope everyone is having a great day. Talk to you all again soon.


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  1. Sorry about the computer problems you had on Saturday in Graham. I hope you have a great week in Eugene!Is Orofino a new school for Brandon? Didn't he teach closer to Lewiston?

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