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Answered Prayer

Yeah for answered prayer.

We got word yesterday that after a two week waiting period Theresa does NOT need chemo but will just go through radiation! Thank you to everyone for your faithful prayers for Theresa. God is good.


4 responses to “Answered Prayer”

  1. I missed on what kind of cancer is involved. I had breast cancer almost three years ago. I did not need chemo because the type of cancer I had is not responsive to it. I did five weeks of radiation. It went well. The only side effect I had was some burning of the skin. About as bad as the worst sunburn you might get.Hope all goes well for her.One thing that disturbed me was waiting between the surgery and the start of radiation treatment. I was told they wanted me to heal completely and I had some bleeding in the area.

  2. We are glad to hear things are a bit better for Theresa. And thank you for the update on you and Ron. It's been really hot here as well – the most heat in about 40 years for this area. Love jeanie & Joe Luna

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