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Moving Day ~ from Ft. Lewis to Portland

Praise the Lord! We drove from Ft. Lewis to Funtastic Shows in Portland without any problems. We pray before we leave to travel any where and we know that the Lord is keeping us and our motor home safe. We did have one scare after we left Costco on our way to Winco. A man walked across the street right in front of the motor home. Ron slammed on the brakes and we came to a stop without hitting the man.

Thought I would share some pictures I took today as we leave Ft. Lewis and move to Portland for the next three weeks. Hope you enjoy them. Comments are by each picture.

This is the view out of our front door at the bone yard at Ft. Lewis. Kollin is in red, Ruben in light colored sweatshirt and Tom in the dark.

Another picture of Kollin in front of her condo on the right behind her.

My first attempt at taking a picture from a moving vehicle. I was trying to get the statues that are on I5 down by Chehalis on the East side of the freeway.

This is going over the bridge from Washington to Oregon looking west as we are headed south.

Another view of the river, still heading south looking west.

Hope you can read this. It says “Her & Ron” and marks the spot where we park the motor home at the bone yard.

This is Marva in front of her condo door. She works both rides and games.

This is what happens when Ron is driving the motor home and slams on his brakes because some person decided to walk across the road right in front of us. He missed the guy, thank goodness. This is a tote that is usually full of books and cards that sits on my nightstand. Beside the bed.

This is the corner where the bed ends, more stuff from the tote.

This is the rest of the stuff that was tossed out of the tote when Ron slammed on the brakes of the motor home.

This is a peek into one of the showers that is in a semi truck trailer (in the shop building) where we will be showering for the next three weeks. We can only go about 10 days without dumping our holding tanks and we will be here till the 14th of June. So that means we will be using these showers. Each shower room has a shower, small dressing area and a sink.

This is a side view of the showers. I was so glad to see the stair rail by the stairs as the steps are pretty steep. This is Albert showing us around.

This is in the bone yard. The donakers (porta potties) are at the end of the row of condos and rigs. The yellow trailer is a set of condos. Don’t know what unit these belong to.

This is the view of the bone yard looking north from the drive way into the shop parking lot. We are parked two trailers over from the yellow trucks on the right hand side. You cannot see our rig from this photo.

This is what you see when you first enter the bone yard. The yellow Funtastic Show semis and the white & gray show vans. I don’t know if Ron will be driving one of those or not while we are here. I am not even volunteering for that job. The thought of driving around Portland with all the one way streets does not thrill me.

This is another view of the semis when you first come into the bone yard.

And this is what the corner in my bedroom is supposed to look like. Ron helped me pick everything up off the floor and then I reorganized all my cards and books.

This is the cleaned up floor at the foot of our bed. Looks so much better doesn’t it?

And these are the flowers that Ron bought for me when we were at Costco. I don’t usually have fresh flowers in the motor home because of all the traveling we do. They look pretty and smell wonderful sitting on my kitchen table.

After we got the motor home all set up and the mess in the back cleaned up I made dinner. We had roasted chicken with red beans & rice. It was pretty tasty. Tomorrow I am going to use the left over chicken and make a chipolte ranch pasta salad. If it turns out maybe I will take a picture of it. That is if anyone is interested in seeing some of the dishes I have been making for us. I am planning on making a ham with mustard and brown sugar glaze with scalloped potatoes for Wednesday night. May try to make some homemade biscuits to go with the ham.

I heard comments from some of you that you want more pictures of where we are and what we are doing. I don’t know what our work schedule will be like while we are here but I do plan on taking my camera to work with me and will try to send it with Ron so he can get some pictures of what he is doing as well.

Well I need to go track down Wendy to find out when I start work this week. Ron found out that he has to be ready to leave for work at 7:00 tomorrow morning. He will be gone all day. If I am not working tomorrow I plan on catching up with some emails that I need to respond to and do a little cleaning of the motor home.

Hope you have enjoyed this peek into our day today. Looking forward to talking with you all again soon.

**Note: one piece of business. If you post a comment on my blog, please sign your name so I know who is visiting here. If you do not identify yourself I will delete the message. Thanks.**

9 responses to “Moving Day ~ from Ft. Lewis to Portland”

  1. Thanks for the pictures Ali!!!..Looks like your there for the long haul for a change….hope you and Ron have a good time and stay at your newest location.Best Wishes to you both!Robert

  2. Thanks for posting all the pictures, Ali. It's nice to be able to visualize the bone yard and the condos and showers and even the port-a-potties. Your pictures of the Columbia River turned out great!Wow, fresh flowers for Ali. What a guy that Ron is!Enjoy your stay in Portland!Carol

  3. Ali – Glad you found us and now we found you! We have seen trailers like your pics of condos and wondered \”what the heck?\”. Now we know! Thanks.Glad all worked out with the pedestrain. Some people just don't realize how difficult it is stopping these MH's or trailers.Phyllis

  4. Great pictures,sheesh what a bonehead walking in front of you like that, glad no major damage was done, will you have much time off to do some sightseeing while in Portland. Don't know what kind of a schedule they have you on. Hope it is a great stay for you guys. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  5. Thanks for another great \”peak.\” This job seems like it has been quite the adventure for you both. I'm sure it's a lot of work, but what great experiences to look back on.Thanks for sharing and keep the pictures coming. We were in Portland for a couple of days last year about this time, and went to the Rotodendron Garden. (I know that's not the correct spelling! If you get a chance it sure was beautiful and well worth the time.Merikay

  6. Wow…you guys are really brave souls. We thought we might one day want to try working with the Carnivals but after reading your blog, not sure we would like it at all. Hope you guys have fun and thank you for reading our blog, we will begin following yours and read your exciting adventures.

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