I Did It! and so much more…

Well I DID IT! I drove the motor home from Sequim to Port Townsend. I did really well except for the two times that Ron yelled at me…both times when I got too close to the right side of the road. The second time scared me! I told him not to yell any more. He said he was sorry but that I scared him…there was a big ditch on the side of the road and he thought I got too close. I was a little nervous starting out but felt okay behind the wheel. I did take the curvy windy roads on Highway 20 at about 35 miles per hour but I made it and that is good. I even drove through Port Townsend and they have very narrow roads. I know now that I can drive the motor home and that is a good feeling.

Pictures ~ I have some pictures from today and our time with the carnival but have a very slow connection here in Port Townsend so I will add the pictures when we are in Fort Lewis next week.

Carnival life is a lot like Peyton Place especially this week…

~ two people have been fired; one for breaking some company rules (don’t know what they were but must have been bad) and one for assaulting some one in the bone yard.
~ one got arrested and is spending the night in the local jail, supposedly he should be released tomorrow
~ couples together and then not

Ron and I try to stay out of those issues. It is just much better that way.

Sequim was nice once we got there. We had to walk about a half mile from the bone yard to get to the carnival lot. It felt almost like camping since we were parked in a grassy lot behind the Boys & Girls Club. I only got 25 hours this week but Ron worked 50 hours. This week will probably be much of the same since it is another three day carnival.

Here in Port Townsend we are parked really close to the water. After we arrived here we found out we could not go into our spot yet as there were a couple of cars parked in the bone yard in our assigned spots. So we went for a walk, had lunch at T’s Restaurant. Ron had salmon eggs benedict and I had fish and chips. It was a delightful lunch though pricey. After our walk I took a nap and Ron went down to the beach. After napping, we went and did laundry. Cost $7 for two loads of laundry. About 5:30 we were able to get into our spot in the bone yard. This week we are parked between Diane in Games and Richard in Rides. We don’t have much of a view…just some houses and boats in dry dock.

Tomorrow is our day off and we don’t have to drive any where. We are planning to walk into town. I am hoping we can find a mail box as I have some stuff for the grandkids. Ron has to start work at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday and will be doing set up then and Wednesday. I have to report to work on Wednesday after lunch to set up the ticket boxes. The carnival opens Thursday late afternoon.

Speaking of grandchildren we found out today we are going to be grandparents again! Danalyn and Brandon are due to have a new addition to their family on December 12th! What a nice thing to find out about on Mother’s Day. It has been a nice day for me. I feel good about knowing I can drive the motor home, got phone calls from both Jamie and Brandon, taken out for a nice lunch by Ron and received two messages from friends wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day.

That’s about all from here. I will write more later.

4 thoughts on “I Did It! and so much more…”

  1. WooHoo!!! On driving the motor home!! I knew you could do it!And a SUPER WOOHOO!!! on your news from Brandon!!! Congratulations!love you tons,dee

  2. It's a good feeling knowing you can drive if needed. You should probably start taking a turn every time you move so it becomes second nature. (And let him take a turn with the wash if he doesn't already!)

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