Tuesday Night Update

Hello on this crazy Tuesday.

The mechanic took the drive shaft to be welded and balanced. They had to order a new yoke and could not find one locally so they have ordered one and it will be delivered tomorrow by the UPS man. This means we sit one more night in the mechanics yard. Tomorrow they will put the drive shaft back on the motor home along with changing all the U-joints. The estimated cost of repairs is $500. We are thankful it is not more than that as we have that much in savings.

While waiting for the mechanic to do whatever he needed to do we decided to go and do laundry. Did four loads of laundry for $12…$3 a load is not bad since at some places we have spent $5 a for a load of laundry. After we found out that the yoke for the drive shaft would not be in till tomorrow we decided to go for a ride. We drove into Bainbridge Island and spent about an hour walking around the town. Found the post office so bought stamps. We also picked up some postcards for the grandchildren. When we went on our Fall trips last year we decided to collect hat pins. They are small yet nice. We found one in Bainbridge Island with a Washington Ferry on it. I will add it to our collection.

Ron called Rick and Albert to let them know what is going on. Rick told Ron there was no reason to come in for the 5:00 p.m. shift today but to plan on coming in on Wednesday. So the plan for tomorrow is that Ron will go to Sequim (50 miles from here) and work from 8:00 to 5:00 and then Albert and Ron will drive back to Suquamish to pick me and the motor home up and then we will all drive back to Sequim and get settled in the bone yard. I will probably have to work Thursday morning to get the ticket boxes ready to go. The carnival opens on Thursday at 4:00 p.m.

I plan on spending time in the Word and writing out the postcards to Max, Opal and Christopher. I will also do some cleaning of the motor home. Today we did do a good sweeping throughout as we had collected a lot of sand and dirt in Wenatchee.

Thanks for the notes of encouragement last night and today. They are all appreciated.

Praises and Prayer Requests ~

~ praise that the part was found to fix the motor home and that it can be delivered tomorrow
~ praise that we are in a safe place again for the night
~ praise that we were able to borrow a car for these days that we are broke down in Suquamish
~ pray that the money owed to us will come in as the expenses of this repair wipes out what little we had in savings
~ pray for safety for Ron as he drives to Sequim in the morning and then again as he and Albert come back to Suquamish to pick up me and the motor home
~ that the repairs can be made to the motor home without any surprises to be found by the mechanic

Guess that’s all from Suquamish for today. I need to make a lunch for Ron to take with him tomorrow and we are going to have an early night since we have to be up so early. I will post another blog entry tomorrow night once we are all settled in Sequim.

Love and miss you all!

3 responses to “Tuesday Night Update”

  1. Hi Ali,I found your blog from reading another one. Great find, I'll be back.We invite you to join us at http://www.rvingwithpoppa.blogspot.com

  2. Hey sis,I'm going to the post office tomorrow. I will call you or text you if what we are waiting for it there. I love you and I'm praying for you! dee

  3. Hi Ali…It's me again. Yes, Camp Red Bay is the service center at the factory for Tiffin Motor Homes.By the way are you on facebook? Join us all if not.

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