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Going to Wenatchee – Part II

We are in Wenatchee!

After spending the night at the RV Repair Shop we were their first customers of the day. Josh started working on the motor home about 8:30 a.m. He checked all the fuel lines, checked the fuel filter, then crawled out from underneath the motor home and talked to Ron some more. Then they both went in and talked with Mark, the owner. Josh then came inside the motor home and opened the engine cover. He took something apart and exclaimed…well look at this…a burned out coil. He took it out, talked to Mark and then ordered a new one from Napa Auto Parts. We waited about an half hour for it to arrive and then Josh put it in along with another new fuel filter, which by the way looked pretty dirty.

After Josh finished, Ron went in and paid the bill. Another $260. That made a total of $345 for repairs in two days.

We then went and got gas and got back on I90 and headed towards Snoqualmie Summit. Made it without any problems, continued on to Bluett Pass and went up and down without any problems. Our speed dropped to 35 miles per hour but that is to be expected since we don’t have a huge engine in this thing. We arrived in Wenatchee about 12:30, stopped at Walmart and bought us each a new pair of tennis shoes. Then off to find the bone yard. It is about 2 1/2 miles from the carnival lot. The carnival lot is right alongside the river. We drove past that on our way to the bone yard.

We got parked into our spot, hooked up the electric and then Ron changed and headed off to work on the set up. I spent some time organizing the inside of the motor home and am now catching up on emails, sending out this blog update and then will make something for dinner. Hopefully this evening, Shawn or Albert will give us a ride to the laundromat. We didn’t want to stop and take the time to do laundry today as Ron wanted to get here and get to work as planned.

We will be here in Wenatchee for the Apple Blossom Festival through Sunday, May 2nd. We leave for Sequim on Monday, May 3rd.

Praises ~

~ that we knew an honest and reliable mechanic who got us fixed and running as quick as possible
~ that we had the money to get the motor home fixed (thank you Northwood family for the gift!)
~ that we slept well last night
~ and for the uneventful trip to Wenatchee today

Prayers ~
~ still waiting for one more check to come in, Ron is going to call Chad tonight to see where it is
~ for us to have a good work week

Thank you all for reading along on our journey of living/working/traveling with the carnival. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

Love and miss you all!

Alice & Ron

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